Warning Signs Of Low Protein In Your Body

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Protein is a major macronutrient that most of us lack in our diet. Proteins serve many functions in the body such as producing hormones and enzymes; and building muscles, bones, skin, hair and brain as well.

The problem is that we can't recognise that we have less protein in our body and usually neglect the signs of a protein deficiency. Weight gain is an example. When we gain weight, we try all the possible measures to curb the excess weight without checking the protein levels in the body.

Low protein level can also lead to weight gain due to a decreased metabolism. Sometimes, we feel a lack of mental concentration and tiredness and we end up blaming our busy work schedule, without knowing that we may be lacking proteins in our body. The deficiency of proteins in our body can cause many health-related issues as well.

There are many hidden signs of protein deficiency that our body may experience, such as low blood sugar level and fatigue. This can also be caused as a result of low protein level.

Read on the article to know whether you are low in proteins or not.


Craving Of Foods

If we have low protein level in the body, we will tend to crave for non-nutritional and unhealthy foods. These foods can be high in sugars. These foods include candies, chocolates, pasta, chips, soft drinks, etc. If you crave for such foods then this is an indication to show low protein levels in your body.


Joint And Muscle Pain

Absence of proteins in the body can cause joint pain and muscle pain. The synovial fluid present in the joints is mostly composed of proteins. This fluid lubricates the joints and rebuilds the muscles. Lack of proteins can result in less formation of this fluid, thereby resulting in muscle and joint pain.


Less Energy And Tiredness

Low protein level in the body can decrease blood sugar levels and cause mood swings. We can get easily irritated and feel a mental strain in our activities. Our body fails to cope with the physical and mental stress and we feel a lack of concentration. Due to low sugar level, the body gets exhausted and tired.


Inability To Sleep

When our body is low in proteins, there is difficulty in getting sleep, and also you may wake up during night. This is because the body craves for sugar and carbs, which do not allow the brain to relax.


Frequent Illness

If the protein level is less in the body, people tend to suffer from repeated illnesses. This is because the immunity will be low, as the immunoglobulins, which are responsible for fighting infections, are composed of proteins. The absence of proteins can also decrease the white blood cell count, which fight with the body infections. Hence, if you get sick easily then low proteins in your body may be the cause.


Weak Brain Function

The brain also works slow in the absence of body proteins, as the neurons, neurotransmitters and other chemical receptors of the brain are also composed of proteins. If we eat more proteins, our brain will produce more chemicals known as dopamine, which increases mental concentration and helps us to work efficiently.


Weight Gain

If you find yourself gaining weight, your diet must be low in proteins and rich in carbohydrates. Proteins increase the metabolism, as it builds the muscles that actively help in burning fats. Therefore, include more of proteins in your diet to stay slim, energetic and mentally fit.

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 22, 2015, 12:01 [IST]
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