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12 Foods That Cause Impotence

Are there foods that cause impotence? Well, erection problems in men may arise due to age but in some cases, even young men get affected by the problem. When we take a deeper look, we can figure out the reasons. The lifestyle they lead plays a very important role in making them good or bad in the bedroom. Though food can't be the only reason behind impotence, it can affect bed life up to a certain extent.

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We all know the fact that the blood circulation to the reproductive organs must be perfect to cause tighter erections. So, this also means that it is important to avoid foods that block the blood flow. They are the foods that cause impotence. People with heart problems avoid certain foods. The same must be done by men suffering from erectile dysfunction. Avoid some foods that reduce the chances of healthy blood flow to the penis.


All processed foods

Start saying no to processed foods. According to health experts, processed foods contain additives that harm you in many ways. Erectile dysfunction could be one of the ways they can trouble you.


All types of fries

Though you love to taste French fries, it is better to avoid them as they may clog your arteries. If the blood circulation is affected in any way, the chances of erectile dysfunction may increase.


Some fast foods

They contain lots of fat and loads of calories. They can affect you in two ways. They may cause obesity and they may clog the arteries too. Both of these increase your chances of erectile dysfunction. They are the foods that cause male impotence.


Beef and chicken

Foods that contain saturated fat are not good for a healthy sex life. Eat them in limited quantities, especially if you are above 30. Avoid beef as it is one of the foods that cause impotence.


Dairy products

Ensure that you curb your intake of dairy products as they are a source of saturated fat. Diary products are among the foods that may cause impotence.


Ice cream

Though you crave for ice creams, once you understand that high intake of ice creams could affect your tightness in some or the other way, you will reduce your consumption.


Sugary foods

Foods that contain refined sugar must be avoided. Research suggests that men who have the habit of consuming foods too high in refined sugar struggle more to get a tight organ.



Reduce your intake of sodium. Avoid foods that contain too much of salt. Sodium can trouble your erections. From chips to other types of snacks that contain salt, avoid all salty foods.


Cholesterol foods

Eggs, cheese, butter and some foods that increase the chances of building up of cholesterol must be avoided. They are the foods that cause erectile dysfunction.


Frozen foods

All types of frozen foods must be reduced. They affect your erections up to a particular extent. Try enjoying salads instead of frozen foods.


Canned foods

Canned foods are also among the foods that cause impotence. Avoid canned foods as they play a role in affecting your healthy sex life. Enjoy natural foods more and curb your cravings.


Alcoholic beverages

Though alcohol is not a food, we have included it here as it contributes a lot to erectile dysfunction. Either quit drinking or reduce your intake for a better bed life.

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