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Why Heart Patients Should Avoid Sitting Too Much


Heart patients must not sit for long hours. Sitting for long is one of the things heart patients should avoid. At least this is what researchers say. They recommend getting up often to move around. This applies even if you are a person who exercises regulatory.

Sitting for long periods may spoil your health if you are a heart patient. In fact, getting up often is as important as working out regularly if you are suffering from cardiovascular issues.

There are certain types of sedentary actions. Some examples are, watching TV, driving, working in your cubicle etc; when you are in such activities, ensure that you take frequent breaks in order to protect your heart.

Though earlier studies stated that sedentary lifestyle can affect heart patients, this study clearly examined how sitting for long hours may spoil health of heart patients even when they had exercises in their daily routines.

After studying sedentary behaviour in more than 250 people who suffered heart issues, health experts came to this conclusion.

Researchers allowed the participants to wear activity monitors which helped analyse the amount of activity and sedentary time of the participants. At the end, experts studied the data and compared it with certain health markers and finally concluded that more sitting time could be hazardous for heart patients.

So, if you are someone who wish to prevent heart issues, it is better to incorporate exercise in your life and also decrease the sitting time. If you are already a heart patient then it is hight time you get up and stretch for a while every one hour inside your cubicle.

Also, avoiding certain behaviours like watching TV for long is also important. So, remember that apart from your diet plans and exercise plans something else has to be taken care of. Your sedentary behaviour must be controlled a lot in order to prolong the life of your heart.

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 23, 2015, 6:01 [IST]