Use Turmeric As A Natural Alternative For These Drugs

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Turmeric is well known for its health benefits; however, do you know that it can replace many drugs? If you start taking turmeric in various forms such as turmeric tea, turmeric milk, turmeric in food, etc, it can actually help you get rid of certain medicines. Turmeric is a natural alternative for many drugs.

You can replace your drugs with turmeric, as they have the same effectiveness as compared with turmeric. In most cases, turmeric outnumbers in its effectiveness than the conventional drugs used to treat many health conditions.

Conventional drugs have many unwanted side effects. They treat a particular disease, but can create other health problems. However, we are bound to take medicines, as there is no other option. Now, you don't have to worry, as there is a natural alternative for your medicines.

In this article, we have mentioned some drugs that turmeric can replace. Research has shown that the active substance, curcumin, present in turmeric mimics the action of most drugs. Listed below are 7 drugs that can be replaced by turmeric.


Drugs Used To Thin Blood (Blood Thinners, Aspirin)

Turmeric prevents the formation of blood clots and, thus, prevents heart attack. Turmeric also increases blood circulation. Turmeric can replace aspirin in its blood-thinning abilities.


Drugs To Treat Depression (Anti-Depressants, Imipramine)

A substance, curcumin, present in turmeric helps to relax your mind and lowers depression. It has been shown in a study that turmeric is a natural medicine against anxiety and depression.


Drugs for Diabetes (Anti-Diabetic Drugs, Metformin)

Turmeric is an effective medicine for diabetes. It lowers glucose production in the liver and increases the uptake of glucose by the body cells, thus reducing the blood glucose level. A study has shown that turmeric is more powerful than the anti-diabetic drug metformin.


Painkillers And Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAID'S)

A study has revealed that turmeric has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, and can replace many anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen, naproxen, diclofenac, dexamethasone, aspirin, etc. These drugs can be used to relieve pain and inflammation, especially the pain associated with joints.


Drugs Used To Lower Cholesterol

If you have high-blood cholesterol level, start including turmeric in your diet. Research on turmeric has show that it is as effective as atorvastatin in reducing the cholesterol level.


Drugs Used For Eye And Skin Inflammation

Normally, inflammation caused by infection and skin diseases are treated by steroids such as dexamethasone. However, the effectiveness of turmeric can be compared with these anti-inflammatory drugs in relieving inflammation.


Cancer Killing Drugs

Turmeric has anti-cancer properties, as it can prevent the growth of cancer cells. A study has shown that turmeric is as effective as oxaliplatin (a chemotherapy drug) in killing cancer cells.

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