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Importance Of Burping After Eating!

Do you burp after you eat? If you don't, try to. According to experts, burping after eating is important as it helps you to digest faster, relieves you from a bloated tummy and above all makes you feel healthy and much more active.

There are a lot of people who do burp after a meal and this 'bad' habit is actually good for the heart too. Apart from this there are many more health benefits of burping, so why don't you take a look at them.

On the other hand for those who are unaware of what burping is, it is the discharge of digestive gas through the mouth. These gases are usually associated with sound and odour, but sometimes rare. FYI: Burping after drinking aerated drinks too is a must as the beverages contain a lot of acid which makes one feel heavy on the tummy and chest.

Health Benefits Of Burping:

Relieves Discomfort
One of the reasons you should burp after eating is because it helps to relieve discomfort. You should allow the carbon dioxide from your system to avoid any form of tummy bloating and chest pain. Burping only helps to provide this discomfort.

Prevents Gas Accumulation
If you have consumed gassy foods like radish, beans and broccoli you need to push out the excess of gas from your tummy either by burping or letting go. If you choose to burp after eating these foods it will prevent gas accumulation which in turns helps you to stay energetic.

Relieves Pressure
When your tummy is bloated, how do you feel? Sick and irritated right? Therefore, one of the health benefits of burping is to try and relieve the pressure that is accumulated in the system.

Aids Digestion
Burping also aids in digestion by preventing excess gas. Therefore, to speed up the digestion process, make sure you let go of the excess air in the tummy.

Good For The Stomach
The best health benefit of burping is: It keeps you healthy as you are allowing the carbon dioxide out from your system and also preventing excessive gas formation in your tummy.

Story first published: Wednesday, March 18, 2015, 4:00 [IST]
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