Impact Of Firework Fumes On Health

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Smoke from fireworks poses certain health risks. People who are asthmatic and suffering from heart problems should stay away from firecracker fumes. The presence of fine particles in the firecrackers contribute to long term and short term health problems which normally affect the lungs. Experts also state that firework fumes affect normal people, especially the ones who live in congested cities.

On the other hand, smokers have a much higher effect during Diwali since smoker's lungs are not strong enough to beat the contaminated air.

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During the winter season, the chances of developing lung problems are high. This is because the fumes emitted from the firecrackers don't pass through the air easily. They form a thick crust in the lower atmosphere, making it difficult for those who are suffering from breathing problems.

Diwali is a festival of lights, and fumes are part and parcel of this celebration. People who are suffering from heart diseases and breathing problems should avoid the inhalation of these harmful lead fumes at any cost. This applies to pregnant women too.

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Today, Boldsky shares with its readers, the impact of firework fumes on health. Take a look at how this colourful and bright festival is a threat to one's health.

Impact Of Firework Fumes On Health

Inhaling Firework Smoke

Heart Attacks & Stroke - The presence of lead in firecrackers may pose certain healthy risks. The risk of heart attack and stroke might increase. When smoke is inhaled, it lowers the blood circulation in the body, decreasing the flow to the brain which might causes stroke

Inhaling Firework Smoke

Lung Inflammation - It causes the lung inflammation and also disturbs the lung function; this may lead to organ failure and may also result in death.

Asthma Attacks- The toxins present in the lungs also lead to a severe asthma attack causing death. Those who are suffering from wheezing should also protect themselves from the contaminated air.

Inhaling Firework Smoke

What Does The Smoke Contain?
Smoke is difficult to inhale. It contains tiny, harmful fine particles of soot, dust, metals, and unburned fuel. The fumes also have an abundance of metals and chemicals which lodge in the lungs, making it difficult for a person to inhale good quality air.

Inhaling Firework Smoke

Who Is At Risk?
Those who are at risk are children, people with lung or heart diseases and people who are above 60 years. Healthy people too are affected; if you experience symptoms like irritation of the eyes, congested nose and a tingling in the throat along with coughing you should visit the doctor. Chest tightness and shortness of breath are two other alarming signs of heart attack during Diwali.

What To Be Aware Of?
The sharp and bright coloured fireworks which emit thick smoke and fumes are the most dangerous. These firecrackers contains metals and gunpowder.

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 11, 2015, 14:02 [IST]
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