How To Treat An Infected Tatoo

By: Debdatta Mazumder
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Everyone wants to be stylish and trendy. Especially, the teenagers want to follow the present fashion trend. Body art is one of those things which make you look fashionable and your reputation among your friends increase a lot by this. Today, tattooing is so in that people of every age are making a crowd at tattoo parlours.

But when you get tattoo on any part of your body, you must be aware about treating it well. Body art doesn’t end by having a design on your body. Many people get infections on the area of the tattoo. Therefore, you need to know ways to treat an infected tattoo. Even if you get your tattoo from an high end tatoo parlour, you may get a reaction if your skin is sensitive.

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How to treat infected tattoo? Before going to the answer, you must take certain precautions. When you decide to have a tattoo done on any part of your body, wax the area to remove hair.. Never forget to check the tools. Before using the ink, go for elbow test. Proceed only if the ink suits you. So, if you are ready to have an attractive tattoo on your body, know how to treat an infected tattoo-

Tips To Treat An Infected Tattoos

1. Keep The Tattoo Dry- Any redness or pain at the area happens due to infection. Contact with water only increases those. So, always keep the tattooed area dry. Avoid swimming in chlorine water as it will only augment the infection. Also cover the area while having bath.

Tips To Treat An Infected Tattoos

2. Don’t Keep The Wound Open
- It is one of the most important ways to treat an infected tattoo. If you keep the area open, the dust particles will enhance your infection. So, always cover the area with gauze. But never forget to change the gauze timely. Thus, you can stop any further infection.

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3. Use Cold Pack
- If you notice any swelling or itching at the place, apply cold pack to soothe. Don’t use ice directly on tattoo. That can cause tissue damage. Take a thin towel and wrap ice cubes. Gently compress for 15 minutes. Let the place come to the normal temperature. Repeat the process.

Tips To Treat An Infected Tattoos

4. Don’t Use Chemicals
- Often people think any kind of ointments, petroleum jelly or soap can soothe the area. The idea is totally wrong. Chemicals in those products can only increase your problem. So, while having infections, you can consult the tattoo artist for correct advice. This is how to treat an infected tattoo.
Tips To Treat An Infected Tattoos

5. Avoid Workout- If you have a large tattoo on any area, avoid work out for some days. Otherwise your skin can break and irritation can increase. This can cause you the infection to last longer. Your tattoo takes almost 3 weeks to recover. Stay away from gym during this period.

Tips To Treat An Infected Tattoos

6. Consult A Physician- When you think about how to treat an infected tattoo, this is the best solution you can have. Generally, your infected tattoo can bring fever, you can also notice pus. So, instead of using any ointment, consult your physician. He/she will prescribe appropriate medicines to be used.

Now, you know how to treat an infected tattoo. So, follow these methods and get wonderful body art to look happening.

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Story first published: Sunday, November 8, 2015, 13:29 [IST]
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