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How To Stay Away From AIDS

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AIDS, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, is a viral infection caused by HIV, which affects the human immune system. It makes the immune system weak and the person with AIDS must take proper precautions to protect his/her immune system.

In an advanced stage of untreated AIDS, a person can die out of any disease that his/her immunity is not able to cope up with. A person tested HIV positive may not develop AIDS, if he/she is taking medicines and proper care. AIDS can occur in an HIV-positive person when his/her immune system is completely damaged by the virus.

How to stay protected from AIDS? AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease. Having unprotected sex with a HIV-positive person can transmit AIDS to the other person. There can be other means of transmission as well, let's have a look at the means by which AIDS can be transmitted. World Aids Day - Take A Pledge


Unprotected Sex

Having unprotected sex with a HIV-positive person, leftmost with sex workers, can transmit this deadly virus to the other person. Avoid having illegal sex (multiple partners), or have a safe sex by using a condom.


Infected Needles

Using infected needles of a HIV-positive person in the form of syringes, vaccines, etc, may let the other person get infected by AIDS. Always make sure that you are being injected with a disposable needle.


Blood Transfusion

The blood in the blood banks is checked for HIV positive and later is transfused to the other person. However, in certain cases, where there is no HIV screening or by mistake the blood of a HIV-positive person is transfused, the recipient may get AIDS.


Open Cuts

If a person has open wounds and the wound comes in contact with the blood of an infected person then the person may get infected with AIDS. When you are visiting an infected person or any AIDS hospital, make sure to cover the open wounds.



A new research shows that HIV can also be transmitted by the saliva of an infected person. Avoid an intimate kiss with a HIV-positive person, as the saliva may also contain the AIDS virus.



If a mother is HIV positive, the AIDS virus can also enter the foetus by crossing the placenta. However, the use of HIV medicines and other strategies have greatly reduced the rate of AIDS transmission to the child. Babies born to such women receive a HIV medicine, which protects the babies from the HIV infection that can be passed on from the mother to her child during childbirth.


Myths Related To AIDS

Some people say that hugging and close contact with a HIV person can transmit the disease. However, they should realize that the virus is in the blood of the infected person and a causal hugging, kissing and sharing of food doesn't transmit the AIDS virus to the other person.


Don't Outcast Them

AIDS patients need more moral support than any other patient, as our society makes them an outcast and isolates them. Give your support to them, so that they will not feel desolate.

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