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How To Keep The Breast Healthy In Your 30's

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When a woman reaches her 30's, she needs to pay extra attention to her body. It is during this age, the body undergoes various types of change that are quite daunting. A woman is more prone to developing various types of diseases after the age of 30 because the body is under high amounts of stress which often leads to health complications like blood pressure and in worse scenarios cancer and diabetes.

Now, women who have a family history of cancer and diabetes should be extra careful when it comes to their breast health. To keep the breast healthy after the age of 30 one should follow a handful of tips. These tips which Boldsky addresses you with, will ensure that you live a life that is healthy and free from all types of breast problems, even though it runs in the family.

Today, most women suffer from breast problems and the main cause of it all is the sedentary lifestyle. Living a life where you struggle to keep in shape and ignore minor health problems, becomes an issue later on and thus affects you when you cross the age bar at 29.

So, ladies, it is time to keep your breast healthy by taking a look at some of these tips:


The Right Bra

It is only normal for the size to vary frequently. So, each time you purchase a bra make sure that you get the perfect size. It is important to wear the right bra to help keep the ladies in good shape.


It Is Time To Free Them

One of the ways to keep the breast healthy after the age of 30 is to free them at night. By doing so, you are encouraging the blood circulation in the breast and this is important for better breast health.


Try A Breast Massage

To keep them in the best shape and to increase the firmness, massage the breasts once in a week, after you reach the age of 30, cause it is during this age where the breasts tend to sag.


Eat Breast Healthy Foods

To keep the breast healthy, indulge in foods that will improve on breast tissue and keep breast cancer at bay. Breast foods include vitamin A fruits and vegetables which boost the body's metabolism.


Forget Bad Habits

Smoking is one of the most dangerous habits that make breast sag. Kick the butt to keep the breast healthy and firm. It is also better if you minimise on your drinking habit as alcohol too can have a nasty effect on your breasts after the age of 30.


Keep Those Implants Away

It is said that any kind of implants have a nasty effect on your health. Therefore, to keep the breast healthy, it is necessary to keep chemical products off your girls.


Keep Your Ladies Cool

The best tip for healthy breast at 30 is to keep the breast cool when you head out in the sun. If your heading to the beach apply a good amount of sunscreen lotion on the breasts too.


Regular Checkups Are A Must

After a woman reaches the age of 30, she should undergo a series of health checkups, and one of the most important one is a mammogram.


Work Them Out

Working out to keep fit is the key to stay healthy, after you reach the age of 30. There are a handful of breast exercises you can do everyday to help in breast growth as well as in their firmness.


Pamper Your Breast Skin

Pamper your breast skin with the right type of body lotion or moisturiser. Never keep the breast skin dry as it can make you itch and feel uncomfortable.

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