Help Others And Beat Your Stress Levels!

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How to get rid of stress naturally? Well, you must have come across a ton of opinions on this subject. From meditation to consuming certain mood boosting foods, there are many solutions to combat stress but here is one of the easiest remedies to relieve stress: helping others.

Helping Others Can Reduce Your Stress- Stressed Out Woman

Yes, a recent study that was focused on studying mental health, concluded that helping others can reduce stress. Whether you help a friend, family member or even a stranger, you will be able to combat stress through help.

It means even science supports the saying that helping others is helping yourself! The study first focused on how stress affects the mood and emotional health. But when the participants helped others, their moods underwent a change. Even if the help is no more bigger than offering someone a chair, it seemed to boost the mood.

Helping Others Can Reduce Your Stress- Stressed Man

The study was carried out for nearly two weeks. The number of participants were around 75. People between the ages 18 and 45 were allowed to participate.

After studying their daily life events that caused stress, health experts came to a conclusion that helping someone who is in need altered the stress levels.

Helping Others Can Reduce Your Stress- Old Man

Experts also stated that the quality of the daily life improved when each participant started helping others around. It is a fact that positive emotions boost mental health and when we help others, we feel positive.

According to the study when a participant engaged in certain social activities especially on a stressful day, the negative impact of stress seemed to greatly reduce. In fact some people even say that they feel ecstatic when they see a smile on others faces after helping them.

Helping Others Can Reduce Your Stress- Helping Each Other

Now that we know how to get rid of stress naturally, let us try helping others at workplace or in the local train or in the neighbourhood. When we make a difference to others, it makes a lot of difference to us!

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Story first published: Monday, December 14, 2015, 18:00 [IST]
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