The Best Way To Kill Fatigue

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Researchers say that eating a teaspoon of sugar before taking up a strenuous activity like running may help get rid of fatigue. Mostly, this helps marathoners perform for hours tirelessly.

So, how to get rid of fatigue before starting a hectic activity? Add a spoonful of sugar to your water bottle and drink some water out of it before your physical task.

How To Get Rid Of Fatigue- Runner

In fact, some researchers say that this can make a big difference in winning a marathon. Firstly, the tired feeling of a long distance runner can be prevented by doing this.

How To Get Rid Of Fatigue- Sugar

How To Get Rid Of Fatigue
The regular table sugar that you use in the kitchen can help or else you can use glucose which is also a simple sugar.
In fact, a study reveals that combining both glucose and table sugar may give better results. In fact, most of the sports drinks do contain glucose or sucrose or both. But researchers suggest drinking sugar water is better.

How To Get Rid Of Fatigue- Race

What heps you keep going during strenuous exercise is the amount of carbohydrates stored in your liver. They play an important role in maintaining stable blood sugar levels. There is a lot more to discover as far as how the body uses the stores of carbohydrates in the liver.

How To Get Rid Of Fatigue- Jogger

The current study was carried out on cyclists who performed long distance. The researchers concluded that it would be better to consume sugar water before going ahead for activities which test endurance.

How To Get Rid Of Fatigue- Cyclist

As this test was not conducted on bodybuilders, we are not yet clear whether they can use it for better performance. This is because endurance testing activities demand stamina whereas body building requires strength and power. However, it is better to limit the sugar consumption to only such activities.

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 16, 2015, 9:20 [IST]
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