How Standing Can Help You Lose Weight

By: Sneha A
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Losing weight is not easy specially for those who spend most of their times stuck in chairs be it in their offices or homes. There are so many diet plans and exercises that ensure losing of weight in a short span of time but then following them makes us want to kill ourselves and not all actually achieve their desired result. What if there were ways to lose weight without actually trying much? Well there are, and one of the best ways is just to keep standing. You may be having your own doubts about can standing help you lose weight but researches very strongly suggest that it does.

8 Lifestyle Changes To Lose Weight

Many studies have been conducted to validate the theory of how standing up can help you lose weight. Keeping yourself away from chairs and standing up as long as possible is sure to help you shed that extra fat with minimal efforts and with it if you incorporate a healthy diet and some kind of physical activity there is nothing stopping your from loosing those extra pounds. Yes here too you will have to restrain yourself from eating high calorie food but common you can give that murderous gym a break or at least you wont have to fret about joining one!

Lose Weight Without Working Out

Read further to know how can standing help you lose weight


1. Lifestyle

Nearly 70% of all the people have a very sedentary lifestyle and yet busy enough to spare out time for a good exercise regime. Doing most of the work standing up can help you in keeping your body fit, incorporating some level of physical activity in your highly inactive days.


2. Long Hours Of Sitting

A study stated that long hours of sitting hampers the flow of fat absorbing enzymes in the body and hence you start to put on wieght on the other hand if you manage to stand up even for two and a half hours more than your normal hours you can save yourself from this condition.


3. Blood Circulation

Just by standing up you can allow a better blood circulation in your body which is ultimately beneficial to brain as well allowing you to have a clear mind and a better level of concentration.


4. Burn Calories

Even if you just increase your standing time for an hour you can burn up to 50 calories and if you continue it for a whole year you will get to see a remarkable change in your body.


5. Increase heart Beat

Extending your standing time for nearly three hours a day can speed up your heart beats to 10 beats per minute which will lead to more amount of calories being burnt. It will also help in normalizing the blood glucose levels after eating.


6. Heart Attack

Another study showed that such people whose most of the time is spent being seated were 54 % more likely to suffer from a heart attack that the rest. They also have a fear of suffering from diabetes in later stages.


7. Increase Metabolism

Standing up gives a great boost to your metabolism which in turn helps in burning up of food and converting it to energy rather than storing it in the form of fat.


8. Activities

You can do things like talking on phone, washing utensils, watering the plants, ironing, reading a book or just talking to a close friend without grabbing a chair and you can manage to burn up to 350 calories a day .


9. Standing For Long

The best thing about burning calories by standing is it doesn't exhaust you much. You may feel tired for some time but with a few minutes of rest you are good to go again.

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