How Over-Training Affects Your Sleep Patterns

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We all know that exercise can surely boost the quality of sleep. But what about intense exercise? Is it good or bad for your sleep? Well, a new research found that intense workouts may gradually decline the quality of sleep.

The same research says that people who intensely workout need to consume more carbs to minimise the effects of exercise on sleep.

The study was conducted on 13 people who were allowed to embrace intense workouts during the tenure.
Apart from the quality of sleep, researchers also kept an eye on the moods of the participants and their average performance.

How Exercise Affects Sleep- Insomnia

At the end, it was concluded that over exercising can progressively decline the quality of sleep. In the research, the participants failed to enjoy deep sleep during the days when they over trained.

As days passed by, even the performance declined due to lack of quality of sleep. Well, how much is too much when it comes to over training? Well, this depends upon a lot of factors as we are all different in various ways.

How Exercise Affects Sleep- LIfting

But yes, your gym trainer can determine how much your body can take as he must be observing your strength and endurance levels on a daily basis.

To put it in simple words, training till failure may not be good for the quality of your sleep if this research has to be taken seriously.

How Exercise Affects Sleep- Peaceful Sleep

Most of us generally believe that working out can have lots of benefits including better sleep patterns. We think that 'more is better' when it comes to exercise. But too much of anything can be harmful. So, moderation is the key even in exercise.

Just like your food intake, even your workouts might need to be in the optimum levels. Listening to your body might surely help you gauge your comfort levels as far as exercise is concerned.

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 15, 2015, 7:25 [IST]
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