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Health Risks Of Wearing Tight Underwear

By: Debdatta Mazumber
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You are well aware about the benefit of wearing clean underwear. As these garments are worn on the intimate parts of your body, any infection to those areas can be more painful than other parts of body. Also any small infection can lead to disasters like vaginal cancer. So, always wear neat and clean underwear.

But, did you know that there are several health effects of wearing tight underwear? Women often think that a size smaller undergarment can make them look sexier. But that is completely wrong idea.

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Not only such underwear can hamper the proper shape of your body, but also can create lots of health problems. Men also must not wear tight underwear as those can hamper blood circulation and your nerves can get numbed.

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What are the health risks of wearing tight underwear? In case of men, constrictive underwear can hamper their reproductive system. Experts say that wearing tight underwear is a bad habit like drinking alcohol and smoking. It causes almost equal health risks like those habits. Therefore, don’t fall for the looks. Check out the fitting well. Also, try to use branded ones as those are made of good quality materials. So, what are the health effects of wearing tight underwear? Read on to know more-


1. Affects Sperm Count

One of the deadliest health risks of wearing tight underwear. Wearing such underwear creates constriction at your groin which results in lowering sperm count. Wearing tight underwear increases temperature around scrotum which restrains sperm production.


2. Hampers Blood Circulation

If you wear tight fitted underwear for long time; it can hamper proper blood circulation. Therefore, the nerves on that area can be numbed. If your tissues don't get enough oxygen through blood flow, tissue death can happen.


3. Causes Vaginal Infection

Too tight thongs can hamper blood circulation to your intimate area which causes irritation and inflammation. You can also feel tingling sensation there. Regular habit of wearing tight underwear can cause serious health problems. Never ignore these health effects of wearing tight underwear.


4. Causes Heartburn

Yes, this is also one of the important health risks of wearing tight underwear. If you wear tight high waist panties, it will compress your stomach hard. That can cause acid reflux inside esophagus. Heartburn is a result of that.


5. Hampers Air Circulation

The intimate areas of your body needs air to remain hygienic. If you wear too fitted undergarments, air cannot circulate well and excessive sweat can deposit on the area to cause infection. Due to unwanted moisture, bacterial attack is normal for anyone.


6. Infection at Urinary Tract

Health effects of wearing tight underwear also includes this in case of women. If you wear too tight panties, your vagina can not breathe. Therefore, it is very common to grow yeast infection.


7. Causes Skin Diseases

When you wear tight underwear, the material of the piece contuse to rub against your skin for long time. You often have seen red spots or tears at your groin or waistline. These are infections caused by tight undergarments. Try to dump those as soon as possible.

Now, you know what the health effects of wearing tight underwear are. You should wear underwear which is well fitted and helps enhance your body contour. Such undergarments can keep you in proper shape and won't cause any health problems.

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