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    Health Benefits Of Chlorophyll

    By Jayashree Iyer

    We have been hearing about the term ‘Chlorophyll’ since our school days and we know few benefits of chlorophyll too. Lets know in detail about it in this article. Chlorophyll is a green pigment which is essential for plants to prepare their own food through the process of photosynthesis. The green colour of leaves is due to the presence of chlorophyll.

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    We are all aware of the importance of chlorophyll to plants. But little are we aware of its importance in the life of human beings.

    Chlorophyll plays an important role in promoting good health in our lives. The following are some of the health benefits of chlorophyll.


    Chlorophyll And Human Blood:-

    As the centre of a human blood molecule is iron, the centre of a chlorophyll molecule is magnesium. Inside the human body, chlorophyll swaps magnesium for iron and delivers necessary oxygen to the body tissues and cells. It strengthens the blood making organs,ir also increases production of RBC, and prevents anaemia.


    Acts As An Antioxidant:-

    Chlorophyll has immense antioxidant properties. It eliminates carcinogens and thereby aids in the removal of toxic ingredients in our body.


    Fights Infections:-

    Chlorophyll possesses properties that kill harmful bacteria. It also has antiseptic properties that kill germs by strengthening the tissues. It helps in normal blood clotting and healing of wounds thereby preventing the spread of infections.


    Prevents Kidney Stones:-

    The presence of Vitamin K in chlorophyll helps to form essential compound in urine which helps in reducing the growth of calcium oxalate crystals which are the main reason for formation of kidney stones.


    Aids In Gastro-intestinal Problems:-

    Leafy greens are high in chlorophyll & it loosens and cleanse the intestines. This improves digestion and assimilation process which further aids in treatment of gastro-intestinal problems.


    Acts As A Deodorizer:-

    Chlorophyll helps eliminate bad odour caused by oral bacteria that reside in the mouth and also reduce stringent smell of urine, infected wounds, etc.


    Beneficial In Pancreatitis:-

    Chlorophyll if injected intravenously helps reduce pain and other symptoms associated with chronic relapsing pancreatitis.


    Helps In Weight Loss:-

    Chlorophyll helps in controlling hunger cravings by maintaining steady blood sugar levels in the body. Hence, it curbs appetite and plays an important role in weight loss.


    Chlorophyll And Cancer:-

    In cancer patients, toxic substance called carcinogen is responsible for the damage of genes. Chlorophyllin, a derivative of chlorophyll replaces magnesium with copper which reduces the binding of carcinogen from foods and thereby protects the DNA and other organs of the body, particularly liver from getting damaged.


    Soothes The Nerves:-

    Chlorophyll calms the nerves and plays a pivotal role in relieving general body fatigue, insomnia.

    In addition to the above mentioned health benefits, chlorophyll has been found to be effective in the treatment of sinusitis,respiratory infections, cold. Research also suggests the effectiveness of chlorophyll in maintaining the hormonal balance in males as well as females.

    Daily intake of chlorophyll in the recommended quantities does wonders to maintain health and energy.

    The prime source of chlorophyll is green vegetables. So the mantra to remain healthy is "Go Green". Include lots of leafy greens like spinach, lettuce, celery, basil, etc in your daily diet.

    Though green vegetables form a major source of chlorophyll, a large proportion of chlorophyll is lost due to cooking. But these days, a lot of dietary supplements containing chlorophyll are readily available.

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    Story first published: Saturday, February 7, 2015, 1:04 [IST]
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