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Harmful Effects Of Juice Detox On Your Body

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"Go detox", is a common phrase used by most of the health and beauty professionals. Our body needs internal cleansing for it to work effectively. The removal of accumulated toxins from the body not only aids in weight loss, but has many other health and beauty benefits as well.

People are getting enrolled into various detox programmes these days, offered by many weight loss and fitness centres. Detox can also be done at home easily using certain home-made fruit and vegetable juices.

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The removal of toxins from the body reduces inflammation, helps liver and kidneys to work effectively, increases metabolism, makes skin and hair healthy, and also helps to lose weight.

Having said that, a detoxification process can have many other effects on your body, which are not beneficial for you and can be a matter of concern in the long run. Since detox programmes restrict the intake of calories, fats and proteins, a person in such cases has to feed on natural juices as the only alternative.

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This may cause many negative effects in the body. Therefore, you must always keep an eye on how much your body needs the detox and how your body may react to it. You must not follow any detox programme blindly.

Scroll down to read some harmful effects of a detox programme on your body.



Detoxification involves drinking of fruit and vegetable juices to flush out the toxins. Excessive drinking of fruit juices can cause retention of natural sugars (present in fruits) in the intestines. This draws water inside them and increases the pressure for bowels. This has a good effect in cleansing your intestines. However, excess of fruit juices can lead to loose motions or diarrhoea and can cause dehydration.


Loss In Muscle Mass

When you feed on only fruit and vegetable juices and stop eating proteins as a part of your body detox programme, this can cause lack of proteins in the body, hence a loss in muscle mass. To fulfill the need of proteins, our body starts to take off muscle proteins instead and uses them for basic protein requirements. This causes weak and lean muscles.


Hormonal Imbalance

Limiting of calories during a detox programme can cause the body to enter into a starvation phase. This may disrupt the normal secretion and functioning of the hormones in the body, leading to various symptoms, including weight gain. This can also disturb the normal menstrual cycles in females. Therefore, you must stop your detox programme, if you notice such symptoms.


Increased Body Weight

Excess of carbohydrates in the body gets converted to glycogen. Glycogen gets stored and retains water in the body. Since there is no much intake of carbs during a detox process, stored glycogen gets utilised and with this water also is lost from the body. The loss of water results in weight loss during a detox process. However, your body again tends to put on more weight after the detox, as the water gets retained again.


Tiredness And Weakness

Our body needs calories which is supplied in the form of carbs, fats and proteins for energy and proper body functions. In a detox programme, which may last for a week or several more days, the body gets deprived of calories, as solid foods are usually avoided. Hence, this can leave you feeling weak and tired with no energy.


Slow Metabolism

The reduction of muscle mass due to detox can reduce your metabolism, thereby storing more calories in the body. Muscles play an important role in burning of calories, and since the muscle mass is less, there will be less calorie burning when you are at rest. So, a detox process actually decreases metabolism rather than increasing it. Therefore, avoid longer detox programmes.



Some may experience a tension headache or a migraine attack during a detox programme, this may happen especially in the beginners. However, headaches may last for a few minutes to a couple of hours and gradually start to vanish, as your body gets adjusted to the detox programme.

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