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Why Hangovers Get Worse With Age?

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As you age, your hangovers may get worse according to a latest study. Age changes the way alcohol influences your system. That is why moderation is advisable as you age.

The reason behind this is the degrading capacity of your liver with age. Other factors like lower muscle mass, higher body fat and lower levels of enzymes that metabolise alcohol do play a role in worsening your hangovers.

Why Hangovers Get Worse With Age-Man

Another factor that may contribute to this is the medication that older people generally use. Some of them may interfere with alcohol. Also, weight loss may also cause higher intoxication in some people.

When certain substances like acetaldehyde accumulate inside your liver, the problem gets worse. Over time, such substances build up in your liver if you are a regular drinker. That is why hangovers worse with age.

Why Hangovers Get Worse With Age- Drinking Woman

Also, the brain degenerates with age. So, the toxins in alcohol may affect the brain faster and harder as you age. As older people tend to drink less water, they also tend to dehydrate faster which is another factor that may lead to hangovers.

Why Hangovers Get Worse With Age- Drinking Man

Generally, a hangover is a result of excessive consumption of alcohol. You may experience nausea, headache, fatigue and even vomiting to.
Health experts suggest eating more both before and after drinks. Also, drinking lots of water may also help. Sipping lemon juice can be a good remedy to prevent a hangover.

Why Hangovers Get Worse With Age- Pillow

When you consume alcohol without eating much, it may irritate the lining of your stomach which is why eating enough food before your drinks is important. With age, your body loses its supply of certain enzymes which help in metabolising alcohol. Also, the research claims that women may get affected more by hangovers.

Why Hangovers Get Worse With Age-Face Wash

Finally, the research claims that there is no right remedy to curb hangovers. The only way to be free from hangovers is by bidding goodbye to alcohol or drinking in moderation, that too, very rarely on social occasions.

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Story first published: Sunday, December 20, 2015, 19:05 [IST]
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