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Facts You Didn’t Know About Manhood

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Reproductive health is very important for men in almost all stages of life. Why? Well, apart from helping you in reproduction, your manhood also plays a role in your self-esteem levels.

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Today, the percentage of men experiencing erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation is higher than ever. The reasons could be problems like diabetes, heart diseases, clogged arteries, hormonal imbalances, certain neurological conditions, depression and even simple lifestyle issues too.

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Now, without going into those details, let us discuss about some interesting facts about manhood. Yes, most of us don't know much about our organs and their behaviours. Read on...


Fact #1

The habit of smoking can diminish the size of manhood by at least a centimeter. This can be a good reason to quit!!


Fact #2

Most of us think that the brain finalises the ejaculation but it is the spinal cord that gives the signal for orgasm.


Fact #3

Your manhood can break if you mishandle it. Yes, using it violently may break it. When it is erect, if you accidentally hit it against hard surfaces, it can break! You might need 2-3 months of bed rest if that happens.


Fact #4

If you are suffering from both erectile dysfunction and
premature ejaculation, it could be an issue related to your prostrate gland too. Consulting a doctor is very important to rule out the risk of prostrate cancer.


Fact #5

A recent survey claims that the average duration of intercourse could be around two and a half minutes. So, don't blame yourself if you are not able to prolong it more.


Fact #6

As a man ages, his manhood loses its sensitivity gradually. This is a normal age related change.


Fact #7

Your tool needs to be regularly used in order to stay in top shape. If you seldom use it, it may become dull and inactive. To keep it active, ensure enough blood flow to your privates or at least have an active bed life.


Fact #8

The duration of a male orgasm is just 6 seconds irrespective of how long you plan the whole session!


Fact #9

Some men have a bigger member whereas some men have a smaller one, but experts say that when erect, almost all of them measure between 6-7 inches except in some rare cases.


Fact #10

Penile ruptures and fracture could be dangerous. Therefore, handle your manhood carefully!


Fact #11

Your manhood isn't in your control. Your nervous system decides when it gets tight or loose. So, you might need to patiently wait sometimes!


Fact #12

A survey claims that, every man on this planet will tell a lie when a woman asks the exact size of his manhood. He will tell at least an inch more than the actual size to feel proud!!!

Well, if you have more interesting facts, please share them with us.

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