8 Body Parts That You Are Not Using

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Many theories suggest that humans have evolved gradually and their bodies have been moulded into a much better form. However, the senses have remained the same! There has been a physical modification in the human body structure, and now we have a complete transformed med body as compared to our ancestors.

The organs in our body that we were using earlier are not of any use now, as the eating habits and much more have chanced since then. It will be very interesting to know about the organs of our body that we are not using now.

Have you ever thought why we have wisdom teeth and that too when we have grown pretty old? It is the remnant of the teeth that our ancestors used to have instead of the molar teeth. However, now it has no such use and is in fact a mess when it comes to its growth. There are more such organs that we don't use anymore, check them out.

In this article, we will share with you about some human organs that are not needed anymore. Have a look at some useless organs of the body.


Wisdom Teeth

Nowadays, almost all the people get their wisdom tooth removed, as it is of no use and causes immense pain. In early humans, these third molars had a proper role to play like other teeth. Since the human mouth has become smaller due to evolution, there is not enough space for these teeth inside the mouth.


Body Hair

Another useless part of the body is body hair also served the purpose of keeping the body warm in our ancestors. Today, we spend our money and time to remove them, as now they are unwanted.


Appendix (part of intestines)

It is a tiny pouch located at the point where small and large intestines meet. Earlier, it used to play a part in the process of digestion; however, now it has no use in our body. Most people get it removed, if there is any infection in it that is called appendicitis. In early humans, this pouch was used to digest plant food.


Darwin’s Point In Ear

There is a small bump at the insides of your upper ear, this is called Darwin's point. About 10 percent of people have this tiny protuberance in the ear. Since Charles Darwin first described it when discussing genetics, this body part was named after him.


Erector Pili (Goose bumps)

These are tiny muscles present at the base of hair follicles. These muscles contract to cause what we call as goose bumps. These were important for ancient humans to survive the cold weather. Goose bumps raise the body temperature by creating a layer of warmth on the skin. Nowadays, they have a different meaning and are used to represent a particular emotional state.


Third Eyelid

This is known as Plica semilunaris in medical terms. This is a little fold of tissue located in the inner corners of the eye. Scientists believe that it is the remnant of the third eyelid that was present in early humans. However, this tissue has a function today. It helps drain out your tears and sweep foreign bodies from the eye.


Male Nipples

This has no true function in the male body. However, some men can lactate and develop breast cancer due to this. This is the most useless organ of the human body.


Vomeronasal Organ

It is also known as Jacobson's organ. It is also present in other mammals and is used to secrete pheromones to attract a potential mate. This organ, although present in humans, has no role. This is one of the useless organs of human body.

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