8 Healthy Facts About Your Sperm

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When a man ejaculates during lovemaking, he releases millions and millions of sperms. These little fellas get released in high numbers, and only a single sperm can successfully go upstream and fertilise with the female egg, thus making the woman pregnant.

Every man has a constant supply of sperms, producing at least 1,500 sperm cells per second in his body. Since they live briefly in the man's body, the sperm supply must constantly be replaced with new production.

There are healthy facts about the sperms every man should be aware of, like for example, did you know that a dead sperm can actually fertilise with an egg to make a baby? Another fact is that most of the human sperm is deformed and only one out of that million will be able to fuse with an egg.

So, the question that lies here is, how valuable is a sperm's health when it comes to creating a healthy foetus? Here are few of the healthy facts that you should know about your sperms. These 8 human sperm facts will shock you completely. So, guys, take a look at some of these brilliant features of sperms.


Dead Sperm Is Healthy

This is one of the most deadliest health facts about sperms. It is said that in in-vitro fertilisation (IVF), it is possible to use dead sperms to help form a healthy foetus.


One Testicle Is Enough

Men who have one testicle are considered to be healthy too. Even one testicle has the ability to produce sperms. But, a man with two testicles will produce sperms and semen in both. However, if only one testicle is present, it will take over both the semen and sperm production.


Sperm Production

According to a study, it is stated that sperms can live for up to 5 days inside of a woman. On the other hand, it takes only a second for a man to release about 1,500 sperm cells, but it takes months for these sperms to mature in the testes.


Sperm Genders

Not all sperms are chromosomally male. This is one of the main important sperm facts you should be aware of. It is said that several sperms can carry the X chromosome as well, while others carry the Y chromosome. So, don't think that only sperms carry the male chromosomes!


Masturbation Is Actually Healthy

One of the sperm facts men should know about is that masturbation is required for being healthy. Frequent ejaculation can lower the volume of the sperms, but will not decrease the quality of it.


High Temperature Is Bad For Sperms

Sperm count tends to be the lowest in summer months and highest during the winter months. It is best for men to consume a lot of healthy foods in the summer, which will enable a good quality of sperms.


Sperm Is Deformed

Sperms have a multitude of defects in the head, neck, or tail. Deformed sperms can have two heads, two tails or coiled tails. These abnormalities can affect the ability of a sperm to reach and fertilise with an egg, but it does not mean men are infertile. This is one of the health facts about sperms, which men should be aware of.


Sperm Versus Semen

Sperm cells are actually a part of the semen. Semen is whitish, viscous fluid that is released from the penis. Sperms leave the body through the mix of bodily fluids that makeup the semen.

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 23, 2015, 14:00 [IST]
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