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Warning: Never Ever Stop A Sneeze! Here’s Why

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Sneezing is a nature's defense against the infection that enters the body. When we sneeze, the bacteria or any harmful particle that tries to enter the body comes out with a force of 160 kilometers per hour. In this way, sneezing prevents you from getting any serious infections.

Sneezing in public may seem to be uncomfortable both for the sneezing person and for the others around. This is the reason we say "excuse me" to others when we sneeze. However, have you ever thought why the other person says "God bless you" when we sneeze. This is because sneezing may risk our life if we stop it.

Yes, this is true. Never try to stop your sneeze, as it may harm the body organs, wherein the air pressure of the sneeze may get diverted to any other organs such as ears, brain, neck, diaphragm, etc, causing more damage.

Read on the article to find out the dangerous health effects of stopping your sneeze. So, next time do not attempt to stop your sneeze.

why you should never stop your sneeze

Why Stopping A Sneeze Is Harmful?
Sneezing causes the air to come out of our nostrils at a speed of about 160 kilometers per hour. If you stop your sneeze, all this pressure will get diverted to another part of the body such as ears, and may result in cracking your eardrums and loss of hearing. Stopping your sneeze can have many other harmful effects on the health as well. It may also cause loss of hearing. Sneezing also removes many harmful bacteria that enters your body. If you stop your sneeze, these pathogens will remain inside and cause diseases.

why you should never stop your sneeze

Other Harmful Effects Of Stopping A Sneeze
If you stop your sneeze, the pressure of the air can get trapped inside and may cause eye damage, as the blood capillaries in your eyes can also get hurt due to an increased air pressure and loss of hearing. It can also cause neck injuries and damage to the diaphragm. In some rare cases, it may also cause stroke by causing rupture of the vein in the brain.

why you should never stop your sneeze

Why We Stop Sneezing?
When we are at a public place or at some place where the act of sneezing may seem embarrassing, we tend to stop our sneeze. It may seem good and descent to stop the sneeze, as it can offend others. However, it is not good for your health at all. Never ever stop your sneeze, as it can be life threating. If you really feel shy to sneeze then put a handkerchief to your nose and sneeze. You can change the way of sneezing, such as sneeze with a low sound. You can cover your nose and mouth with your arm as well. In this way, you will not feel that your act of sneezing is inappropriate.

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