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Are Shopping And Happiness Linked?

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Are shopping and happiness linked? A new study claims that shopping for items like gadgets or clothes may slightly contribute to your happiness and spending money on experiences like traveling abroad or enjoying a great dinner with loved ones can contribute to intense happiness.

Shopping And Happiness

As both of such activities contribute to your happiness on different levels, researchers say that your decision should depend upon what kind of joy you would like to have.

Shopping And Happiness - Packets

As a part of this study, health experts closely studied some people for a span of 15 days especially when they were shopping for material items like gadgets and clothes.

Shopping And Happiness - Camp

Also, researchers studied another group which spent their money buying holiday trips and vacations. When they examined the kind of joy that both of these groups experienced, researchers could clearly say that the happiness that both the groups enjoyed was different in its flavor.

Shopping And Happiness - Clothes

It seems material goods do keep a person happy for a few weeks whereas money spent on great experiences like vacations can provide more intense form of happiness but for a short term.

Shopping And Happiness- Meditation

Also, researchers found that when people ever look back after a few years, they tend to feel happier for their decisions on money spent for vacations or experiences which leave sweet memories.

Shopping And Happiness - Happy Couple

So, if you have wondered why you get a high when you buy a new gadget like a tablet or the latest mobile phone, now you know the reason why.
Also, when you are really looking to feel intensely happy, then maybe you need to choose to spend a relaxing vacation with your loved one in the most beautiful spot as that might leave a sweet memory in your mind that can keep you happy for long.

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Story first published: Monday, December 28, 2015, 6:00 [IST]
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