Does Alcohol Cause Breast Cancer?

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A recent study claims that alcohol and breast cancer are related. In fact, women need to be aware that consuming alcohol can significantly increase the risk of suffering breast cancer. And then, obesity also increases the risk.

This study claims that quitting alcohol can significantly minimise the risk of suffering breast cancer. Also, maintaining healthy weight is important when you wish to reduce the risk of suffering breast cancer.

Alcohol And Breast Cancer- Breast Cancer

As a part of this study, scientists questioned more than 200 women. Most of them were people suffering from symptoms of breast cancer. Nearly, 50% of the participants claimed that they never knew that quitting alcohol can help minimise the risk.

Alcohol And Breast Cancer- Drinking Women

Another surprising aspect is that nearly one third of the participants never even new that obesity could maximise the risk of breast cancer.

Alcohol And Breast Cancer- Drunk Woman

Another startling fact is that most of the women who participated in the survey were not aware of the actual content of alcohol in a glass of wine or beer. But they admitted that they frequently drink.

In fact, the number of women who made alcohol a part of their lives drastically increased over the past few years and this is really a worrying fact.

Alcohol And Breast Cancer- Cancer

Researchers are looking to spread awareness among women about the increasing risk of breast cancer due to alcohol. Of course, it doesn't mean that alcohol doesn't harm men. It harms anyone and kills faster than any other addiction.

But as the research was predominantly done to study the link between alcohol and breast cancer, researchers focused mostly on its side effects on women and therefore studied women who are already suffering from breast cancer.

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Story first published: Thursday, December 24, 2015, 8:01 [IST]
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