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Vital Signs Of Healthy Teeth


Teeth also signify the overall health of the body. The signs of healthy teeth have also depicts the overall condition of our body. Our teeth need to be health.

Strong teeth help in proper eating and stay for a long time. Rotten teeth, weak gums, bleeding gums, etc. are not signs of healthy teeth. You must be careful when you show any of these symptoms.

In this article, we shall discuss of the signs of healthy teeth. These signs will confirm that you do not have teeth or mouth related disease or infection. The following signs of healthy teeth will help you to know if you have strong teeth.

White Teeth - As much as whiter teeth helps to make a smile beautiful, it also confirms that your teeth is strong and healthy. White teeth means that you do not have dirt layer on the teeth. The white colored teeth are clean and strong teeth. White teeth also shows that you take good care of your teeth and brush them at least twice a day. Therefore, white teeth is sign of healthy teeth. If your teeth are yellowish, you need to take more care of your teeth. Brush them regularly or take the help of a dentist.

Pink Gums - Pink gums are signs of healthy teeth. Pink gums show that there is ample blood flow in the gums. Hence, the gums are strong enough to hold the teeth in place. Gums are also vital and any bleeding or white colored gums can be an unhealthy sign. If you do not have pink gums which do not ever bleed or pain, you have healthy and strong teeth.

Juicy tongue - With juicy tongue, I mean reddish tongue which is never dry. Dry tongue also depicts a problem with gums and teeth. Therefore, if you do not have a dry tongue, it means you have healthy teeth. Also, cleaning of tongue regularly helps to prevent bacterial growth. The bacterial growth leads to further teeth decay. Therefore, a good nice red tongue is sign of health teeth. If you have dry and white tongue go to a dentist soon.

No Cavity - Cavity is a major sign of unhealthy teeth. If you do not have a cavity anywhere in your teeth, it means your teeth are quite healthy. Cavity filled teeth are because of unhealthy eating, improper care of teeth or any teeth related disease or infection. Without a cavity, your teeth are considered to be very healthy. You must take proper care of teeth in future as well. Once you get a cavity you need dental help to have healthy teeth again.

Can eat well - If you can eat anything and everything without any tooth problem, you definitely have strong teeth. If your teeth shiver or pain momentarily when you eat something cold of hot, you have sensitive teeth. Sensitivity means your teeth is not strong and needs medical help. Similarly, if you cannot chew anything hard like a sugarcane, you have weak gums and teeth. To be able to do anything with your teeth is sign of healthy teeth.

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