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Health Benefits Of Drinking Water During Winter

By Pooja Kaushal

Winter is here. Temperatures are dipping and soon we will find ourselves curled up indoors sipping on a hot cup of tea with a heater warming up the place. Sounds really cozy and relaxing. But in this cozy atmosphere, there is one thing that most of us miss out on – water.

Yes, it is water that we tend to forget. During the cold and shivering months, we often miss out on our daily requirement of this refreshing drink. In spite of knowing the health benefits of water, we do not reach out for it during the winter months.


Around 70 percent of our body is water. For all basic functions, our body requires water. And yet we overlook these facts and reduce our water intake during winters. When we talk about winter season health tips, we often come across things like keeping ourselves warm, having a proper balanced diet, covering our head and feet properly. However, we rarely talk about water.

Signs such as dehydration are seen during winter seasons in the form of dry skin and chapped lips. We may also find our mouths drying up but the thought of drinking water never occurs. What we crave for is a hot steaming drink.

So instead of going for the coffee or tea, try to spice up your water by having herbal teas. Not only will you enjoy a hot sip but also help the body reap the health benefits of water.

Here are some health benefits of drinking water during winter season.

Internal body functions: When it comes to the internal body functions, it is water that does the majority of the job. Some of these are maintaining body temperature, chemical reactions and transportation of nutrients. Then there is the formation of saliva, lubrication that is needed between the joints, spinal cords, mucus membranes and eyes. With a shortage of water, these functions will be hampered and can have lasting effects.

System cleanser: Health benefits of water are also seen in the form of flushing out of bodily toxic wastes. Organs such as kidney and liver require a good amount of water to function. In the absence of water, their functioning is hampered and this can lead to further complications. Just because the temperatures dip, it does not mean that our body requirement of water also goes down.

Skin moisturiser: When the winds are dry, they tend to extract moisture from our skin. This leads to dry and flaky skin and chapped lips. Not only do they look ugly but can be rather painful. In order to help the body cope up with this loss of water and prevent skin dryness, a healthy intake of water is necessary. Trying to keep up the eight glasses of water a day rule is very essential during winters too. As part of winter season health tips, water intake can help give your skin a fresh and healthy look.

Aid in digestion: Be it winter, summer or spring, we consume the same amount of food. In order to help the digestive system function in the same healthy manner, it is important to consume the same healthy amount of water in all seasons. With a healthy digestive system, most common illnesses are ruled out.

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Story first published: Sunday, November 30, 2014, 4:04 [IST]
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