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Gym Tips For Morning People

Mornings are the best time for workout. If you tend to postpone your workout timing, then you might never be able to do it. Doing workout in the wee hours of morning keeps you fit and happy the whole day. Scheduling your workout in the morning helps you maintain a healthy life.

Dragging your body out of the bed in the wee hours of morning requires a lot of effort. Some days you just don’t wish to get out of bed and hit the gym. Though you want to keep fit, the thought of hitting the gym so early on makes you want to sleep some more.

There are ways in which you can beat this habit, and get to the gym early in the morning. Fitness gym tips insist on making your schedule interesting and organised that you would never hit the snooze button ever.


Also, fitness gym tips suggest some of the basic things that you will require to take care of whenever you go to the gym in the morning.

Pre-Workout Meal
It is important that you have a pre-workout meal. Whoever said you should workout on empty stomach was not telling you the truth. In reality, working out on empty stomach can make you dizzy and will not tender a good workout session.

A good smoothie is a good meal to have before your workout. You should ideally have a smoothie that consists of yoghurt, berries, chia seeds, whey protein and almond milk. All these ingredients are good for your health, and it is equivalent to a small to medium sized meal.

Coffee Post Workout
As part of gym fitness tips, you need to make sure you don’t have a cup of coffee before your workout. When you reward yourself a cup of coffee after the workout, you are more likely to attend the gym and keep your body fit. It is not nutritious enough to have a cup of coffee before workout.

Get a Companion
If you are planning to hit the gym in the morning, you are more likely to attend it if you have a friend enlisted with you. Having a companion is one of the best gym tips for morning people. Not only does it encourage you to go to gym but also to perform well in your workout sessions.

Hit the Bed Early
If you are planning morning workouts, gym fitness tips suggest that you should go to bed early. It is important to maintain your body’s sleep schedule if you go to bed early and rise early. Keep an alarm clock that will help you keep a strict schedule for your sleep as well as eating times. This way you are fit for your workout.

A Good Warm up
A long warm up is necessary for a perfect workout in the morning. It helps prepare your nervous system for the exertion that would be caused to your body due to the workout. It will also build your body temperature such that your body responds well to the workout. Fitness gym tips suggests that activating your muscles and making your body flexible with a warmup session before exercise will prepare you, both physically and mentally, to face the changes that would occur due to morning workout sessions.

Story first published: Wednesday, November 12, 2014, 7:03 [IST]
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