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10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Vodka

Vodka for Health | वोडका के ये सेहतभरे फ़ायदे नहीं जानतें होगें आप, रोज़ पिएं एक गिलास | Boldsky

To many of us, vodka is just like any other alcoholic drink that comprises mostly ethanol, water and some flavouring. The modern method of preparation of vodka mostly uses fruits and sugar, although sometimes, distillation of potatoes or fermented grains can yield a splendid taste in the drink.


Vodka is immensely popular across the globe and predominantly in Eastern Europe where it is seen as an incredible drink that can be consumed often. Besides being a wonderful drink to rejoice with friends and family, the alcoholic drink presents many health benefits too. This article speaks about the health benefits of vodka.

Ever wondered that vodka, apart from being a drink with high alcohol content, can pose numerous health benefits too? If you didn't know about it already, here is your chance. Read on to know these 10 amazing health benefits of vodka.

10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Vodka....


Stress Reduction

Vodka is known to substantially reduce stress, perhaps the most effective alcoholic drink in this regard. When consumed in decent quantities, it impressively helps in relaxing the mind.


Induces Sleep

Vodka's characteristic to induce sleep is adequately proven by scientific research. It effectively acts as a sleep inducer when consumed in decent quantities and is a good assistant in tackling insomnia or sleeplessness.



Did you know that vodka contains absolutely no fat? Owing to this, vodka can be incorporated in low-calorie meals. If you are battling overweight or obesity, as much as it gives you pleasure in the form of highness, it also gives you psychological satisfaction as far as your food intake goes.


Disinfectant, Antitoxin and Antiseptic

Yes, vodka is all three in one. If acts as a wonderful disinfectant, an excellent antitoxin and an impressive antiseptic.


Mortality Rate?

Yes, here is one of the important health benefits of Vodka you all need to know. If consumed moderately, Vodka reduces mortality rate. Stunning, isn't it?


Blood Circulation

Another major advantage of Vodka is that it regulates blood pressure in the human body. It reduces the risk of blood pressure and heart attack. It allows for better and smoother blood circulation.


High Fever

You should know this startling fact. If vodka is applied on patients' legs, chest and forehead, it works to reduce body temperature in the case of high fever. And this advantage of vodka is proven.


Alzheimer's and Type 2 Diabetes

If you didn't know this already, vodka effectively reduces the risk of Alzheimer's and Type 2 diabetes.


Digestive Problems

If small quantities of vodka are added in the food, apart from adding delectable flavour to the food, also aids in the process of digestion.


Herbal Medicines

Last but not the least, here is another amazing health benefit of vodka. Vodka is used in medicine tinctures. Roots and leaves are soaked in vodka for long periods. This allows leaves and roots of the medicinal plants in consideration to absorb essential oils and consequently, help in curing several other illnesses.

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Story first published: Thursday, July 3, 2014, 20:04 [IST]