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15 Ways To Lose Weight Fast

By Pooja Kaushal

The desire to get instant results leads everyone into taking shortcuts. Such aspirations can also be seen in the case of personal care. We tend to neglect our body and do not realise the consequences. Suddenly, the alarm bells sound and then efforts are made to reverse years of neglect within a very short span of time.


While it is true that it is quite difficult to lose weight fast, it cannot termed an impossible task.

One of the most easy weight loss tips that can be given to anybody is determination. But it is also true that this is far easier said than done. Many weight management clinics run weight management programmes which guarantee fast weight loss. The offers are very tempting and many enroll for these programme.

As long as the programme lasts, all is good. The real test starts after it gets over and you return to normal, daily life. If you manage to lead a balanced life practising certain controls, you might succeed in maintaining your weight. However, many do not do so and within a few months, the kilos start coming back. Here are some very simple and easy weight loss tips, which if followed are sure to leave you a couple of kilos lighter.



The benefits of exercise cannot be challenged by anyone. This is the best way to lose weight fast. However, when talking of fast results, it is advisable to undertake such exercises under expert guidance.


Rest properly

Rest is as important as exercise. Only a well-rested body can perform rigorous exercises. With lack of rest, the body does not respond positively to any kind of physical training. Going to bed early is always advisable.


Early dinner

If you are going to bed early, you will be having your dinner early. Make sure to have your dinner at least two hours before bedtime. This gives the body enough time to break down the food and absorb the nutrition.


Less sugar

Sugar, especially the white one, is the shortcut to acquiring large amounts of calories. Limit your sugar intake and also opt for alternative products like honey or stevia.


Avoid post dinner dessert

Just as you should not have late dinners, you should never have post-dinner desserts. Loaded with sugar, these desserts take you on a calorie gaining ride.


Breakfast must

Never skip your breakfast. After a good night's rest, it is important to have a well-balanced and filling breakfast. This prepares you for the day and keeps both body and mind alert and attentive.


Light dinner

Sleeping on a heavy dinner can cause you to gain weight. Dinner should be the lightest meal of the day. One reason for this is that after dinner comes bedtime and not much energy is required at this time. Hence, a light dinner is must.


More protein

Starch in food breaks down into glucose and constitutes the calories. Do not depend only on cereal and other starchy food for energy. Make sure to consume a good amount of proteins to help build muscles.


Snack healthy

The idea of snacking often brings up pictures of various deep fried things. Look beyond these and opt for things like a handful of nuts, a bowl full of fruits, cereal bars, and the like.


Eat not drink

When it comes to fruits, make every effort to eat them and not drink them. Juicing rips the fruit off its fibre goodness and leaves it only rich in sugar.


Eat fresh

Store bought vs homemade; the option should always be homemade. This is fresh cooked, contains fresh ingredients with no trace of preservatives and added flavours or colours.


Minimal eating out

What goes into preparing a meal in a restaurant is not known to those dining there. You have no control over the amount of oil, salt, sugar and any other added ingredient. Keep eating out to minimal.


Read the label

Packed food is difficult to escape and at times in a hurry we all end up using premixes or ready-to-eat meals. One way to control this section is to read the ingredient list and look out for anything undesirable. For example, avoid stuff containing hydrogenated oils and high amounts of sodium.


Food journal

Maintaining food journal keeps you aware of how much you are having. The writings of the page may make you realise where you stand in terms of food consumption.


Stop before full

Do not eat all the way till you are full up to your throat. Stop eating when you realise that your hunger is satisfied.

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Story first published: Sunday, September 7, 2014, 19:02 [IST]
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