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10 Things That Lower Your Sperm Count

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Infertility among men is at rise these days. Unhealthy lifestyle, stress and improper diet are some of the major causes of low sperm count. A couple might enjoy love making, but becoming pregnant is difficult if the sperm count of the man is low. When it comes to pregnancy, many health conditions like low sperm count, sperm allergy, erectile dysfunction etc can affect the couple. Lack of sex and loads of stress also plays a major role in decreasing sperm count.

Low sperm count is due to various things. For example, bad habits like smoking and drinking can affect your sperm count and quality. Also taking hot baths lower your sperm count. If the temperature of the testicles is raised, it damages the sperm and can decrease the count. A hot shower can also spoil the sperm quality. So, even if a hot bath is relaxing and refreshing, men must avoid bathing with extremely hot water.

Even use of mobile and laptops can affect your sperm count. Men usually keep their mobile phones in the pant pockets. The mobile radiations damage the sperm and also reduces its count. You might not know but these simple things or mistakes can lead to lower sperm count of men. Another common mistake men do is, wearing tight briefs. Tight fitting underwear can also lower the sperm count. So, here are few common things that lower men's sperm count.

Common Things That Reduce Sperm Count:


Hot Bath

A hot shower is relaxing to the body, but it reduces sperm count as the temperature of the testicles are raised. This damages the sperm quality and reduces the count.


Tight Briefs

Wearing tight briefs can increase the heat in the testicles. This in turn lowers the sperm count. Prefer boxers over tight underwear.


Mobile Phone

The radiation that comes from the mobile phones have a great impact on the sperm count of men. According to studies, a mobile can reduce sperm count.



Stress is one of the major causes of many health problems. Taking stress not only affects your emotional health, but also leads to infertility problems in men.


Lack of sex

Making love is one of the best solutions to several sexual problems. Abstaining from sex decreases the sperm count. The sperm changes its shape and becomes stale.



Drinking alcohol decreases the testosterone levels which reduces the sperm count. It is one of the common causes of infertility in men.



Tobacco can lead to impotence. So it not only reduces sperm count, but also makes a man infertile! Even smoking pot can lead to infertility.


Soy Products

A diet rich in soy products can lower the sperm count of men. Soy products contain Isoflavones which affects sperm count, quality and production.


Watching TV

Becoming a couch potato leads to obesity and reduce sperm count. A study from the British Journal of Sports Medicine confirmed that men who do not watch a lot of TV and workout regularly have better sperm count and quality.


Using Laptop

Using a laptop on the lap for a long duration of time increases the temperature in the scrotum and reduce sperm production.

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