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Benefits of Waking Up Late

Posted By: Staff

Our parents, grandparents always stress on going early to bed and getting up early in the morning. They believed that this way, was one of the best way to stay healthy and energetic.

But with the changing time and work culture, this becomes taxing for the present generation, specifically the working group of people.

For people who work in shifts, waking up early in the morning is near impossible. For those working in the night shift, they return home only in the morning, so how can they wake up early?

waking up late

According to a research published in Sleep Health by National Sleep Foundation, a adult in the age group of 18-64 years requires a minimum of 7 hours of sleep everyday.

Lack of adequate sleep can cause headache, difficulty in concentrating which can affect their work and can also lead to other serious health ailments.

So, waking up late is the only way out for this group of people and also for those who are into late night partying and clubbing.

If you are looking at the benefits of waking up late then check here.

Benefits of Waking Up Late:


1. Prevents Tiredness:

It is going to be a tiring day for you at office so a minimum of 8 hours of sleep is necessary to you for healthy body and mind.

Many people aren't lucky enough for a 9-6 job and are forced to work in night shifts or according to the client's work timings.


2. Dinner & Sleep Time:

The ideal dinner time for an early riser is 7.00 pm as his sleep timings will mostly be 9.00-10.00 pm.

For late eaters the sleeping time also needs to reset so that 90% of the food gets digested before sleep. Or else, it may lead to indigestion or fat deposition in the body.


3. Rest For Eyes:

Software and computer professionals work on systems for a long time.

Their eyes and brains are too strained and the best medicine for them is the 7-8 hours of good sleep and it is irrespective of when they arrive home.


4. Helps Students Who Likes Studying at Night:

For students, it gives them a lot of confidence during exams when they know they are done with studying at night.

They prefer to finish before going to sleep and have fared very well inspite of being late risers.

In vice versa with this, there are many early risers who get tensed for not able to finish with studying and revising in the morning.


5. Prevents One From Taking Afternoon Naps:

Waking up late is better than afternoon naps as it will make you dizzy and lazy. Plan your sleep time well, do not sacrifice it just to become an early riser.

If you force health, it will force you so keep that in mind and come up with your own happy and healthy rules for life.


6. Helpful for Children:

Children (upto 10 years) require at least 10 hours of sleep so don't trouble them unnecessarily. Help them dream as long as they want and you will see the creative minds bloom bigger day by day.


7. Helps Build Up Concentration:

For people who sleep late it is advisable to wake up late and complete the minimum required sleep. This helps in relaxing the mind and thus improves concentration.


8. Helps Prevent Diseases:

If you go to bed late then it is good to wake up late. Sleeping for about 7-8 hours is a must in order to prevent stress, headache, building up immune system and preventing depression.

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