The Joy Of A Stress Free Life!

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Stress Free Life
The world is moving at a faster pace than ever. The constant burst of people, technology, work, travel in our life makes us feel like we are on a fast forward mode, with no account of the time that flies by. We all need to de stress and take the joy of a stress free life. What would we not give to be able to slow our lives down and more importantly feel no guilt about taking a few minutes off? We give you a few tips, that will help keep life in the pace you want and make each day enjoyable, no matter wherever you are!

1. Go on a mental holiday: Yes, you heard it right. You might be stuck in a never ending queue for your "fast food" lunch, or you might be at home worrying about your kid's report card. The easiest way to get your wits about you is to close your eyes and think of where you'd like to be right now. The Bahamas? The Andaman and Nicobar islands? Picture the beach, the hammock, think of the cool breeze hitting your face. And voila, you come back refreshed to handle any situation!

2. Take your dog to the park: Spending time with your four legged friend, might be the best thing you can do for yourself. Make sure to actually spend quality time and not a hurried walk, just because you have to take him out. This time, spend in solitary, will help you think clearly and instill a lot of positivity in your thoughts. The whole idea is to make you stress free.

3. Savor your meal: Most of us might not have the luxury to eat fancy meals with our loved ones in an up scale restaurant everyday, but that doesn't mean we gobble up our food at our desks in a frenzy, to get on with work. Take fifteen minutes off from work, gather your friends around for the meal, and like Oprah Winfrey said once "Eat elegantly, find pleasure in every bite".

4. Travel peacefully- The time you travel in a day, can do a lot for the way you are feeling. We spend hours in the car, riding the bus or train. Use this time to connect with yourself, not your blackberry! Look out of the window, observe your co-passengers, plug in some music, or just use that time to meditate!

5. Review the day- The time before you sink into your pillows, does a great deal to calm your mind. Think of all the positive things that happened in the day, make a note in your diary, if you can. It can be the smallest thing like the appreciation from your boss, or your kid complimenting your cooking!This will not only make you happy but also stress free.

By making an attempt to slow down life, we really get to appreciate the things around us. Not only that, it clears out our mind, and makes us feel more in control of our life. After all, none of us want to reach a ripe old age and wonder why we didn't take time to really enjoy our life?

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Story first published: Monday, June 11, 2012, 14:18 [IST]
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