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Eating Raspberry Leads To Weight Loss

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Want to lose weight? Try the edible raspberry fruit. The sweet and sour raspberry extract has many health benefits. The red and juicy raspberries are native to Europe but is now cultivated in many countries. Raspberries are commonly consumed raw or added as toppings to many desserts.

Raspberry ketone is a fruit extract that aids weight loss. Ketone is an enzyme that gives the fruit its natural odour. Many researchers have suggested that if you are on weight loss diet, you can have raspberry ketone.

Raspberry ketone breaks down fat cells that accumulate in the body. So, if you want to lose weight without hitting the gym or going on a crash diet, find out how raspberries aid in weight loss.

Eating Raspberry Leads To Weight Loss

Health benefits of raspberries:

Burns fat: The red fruit is packed with fibre and manganese. Fibre slows down the digestive process so you feel fuller for longer. Manganese on the other side increases your body metabolism which in turn helps burn body fat. As mentioned before, raspberry ketone breaks down fatty tissues by increasing the production of adiponectin (a protein hormone in fatty tissue that improves the ability to metabolize fat). According to Dr. Mehmet Oz (a popular television show) having raspberries make you feel fuller faster as it spikes up the blood sugar levels. The sweet taste makes you feel fuller so, if you are on a diet, you can have raspberries.

Reduces risk of heart attack: Ellagic acid in raspberries reduces the chances of suffering from a heart attack. The acid cuts down the bad cholesterol levels and lowers high blood pressure. Also salicylic acid in raspberries helps fight atherosclerosis and heart diseases.

Cures liver damage: A cup of raspberries can prevent cell and liver damage. It prevents the formation of plague on the artery walls (a risk factor and cause of liver cancer). Moreover, the fat in liver burns up if you have raspberry ketone.

Keeps blood sugar stable: Although the fruit is sweet, you can have it to control the blood sugar levels. Adinopectin is released by the ketone and helps control the blood sugar levels. That is why, raspberries is the best fruit for type 2 diabetics.

Good for the skin: The antioxidants and vitamins in raspberries makes it a perfect fruit to have a tight and glowing skin. The raspberry ketone has the ability to reduce free radicals from the body. This in turn reduces the signs of ageing. If you want to look young, have raspberries or apply it on your face.

These are few health benefits of raspberry ketone. However, this fruit can lead to allergies so if you are allergic to raspberries, avoid taking it (supplements or raw fruit). If you are suffering from thyroid problems, consult your doctor before eating raspberry.

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Story first published: Friday, November 30, 2012, 17:47 [IST]
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