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Ways To Prevent Dust Allergy

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Prevent Dust Allergy
You might think you have the most clean and pristine house. We must all clean our house and keep it hygienic because dust allergies affect our health. If you suddenly start coughing, wheezing, sneezing and experience a running nose, then the reason might be none other than a dust allergy.

By being prepared and having handy solutions in mind, you can limit the damage a dust allergy causes. Let us look at some tips that can help you prevent dust allergies.

Clean air conditioners and fan blades- These are difficult to clean on regular basis but, to prevent dust allergy, you should clean air conditioners and fan blades weekly! If you do not clean your ac shafts and the top of your fans, you are going to land up with a house full of dust.

Clean Carpets- Carpets are dust magnets. Dust collects on the surface and even below the carpet. To avoid spreading dust allergy via carpets, vacuum it daily and be sure to use a vacuum with a powerful filter. To prevent dust allergy through carpets, rely on the hard wood floor or tiling.

Points to remember:

1. Make sure your bedroom is not in the basement or in a damp location. See that your bedroom is in a sunny, warm place and preferably on a higher floor. The lower levels are more susceptible to dust formations. Sunlight kills germs and bacteria that spread allergies. So, have a clean room that has air ventilation.

2. Avoid soft toys. Your children might be inseparable from them, but the soft toys might be the reason behind their incessant coughs and colds. Dust particles and mites, collect very easily on the surface of the soft toys and once your child inhales it, he will be automatically allergic.

3. If you are prone to dust allergy, you should wash the curtains. Your curtains are closest to the balcony or the traffic on the roads and all the dust settles on them easily. Be sure to wash your curtains in warm water once in a week to keep your surroundings fresh.

4. Change bed sheets and pillow covers. People allergic to dust should always clean the mattress regularly. Change bed sheet covers once every week. Also put the mattress and pillow under bright sun to kill bacteria and remove dust particles.

5. Consult your doctor. Precautions might help only to an but, if the allergy doesn't cure, you should consult your doctor.
The key to maintaining a dust free life is regular cleaning and treating allergies on time. If your procrastinate dealing with your allergy, it will only get worse. So, invest some time and you will be dust free once again!

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Story first published: Saturday, June 9, 2012, 10:47 [IST]
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