Best Natural Ingredients To Brush Your Teeth

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Who doesn't want clean and perfect tooth? And you probably spend a lot for it. But, are you aware that there are a lot of natural ways for teeth care. These are very easy and the best part is that you will not even need a mouth freshener after that. The natural ingredients to brush your teeth will keep your mouth odour-free for long hours. Here are a few natural ingredients for teeth that you can use.

Natural Care For Teeth

A Piece Of Neem Stem- This is one of the oldest techniques by which people brush their teeth. Neem is filled with natural antiseptic and antibiotic qualities that prevents gum diseases, cavities, oral odour. To reap the maximum benefits of neem break a small branch of the plant (size of a toothbrush). Break the tough edges of one side of the stick and then brush your teeth with it.

Salt- Salt is another great natural ingredient for the teeth. It is rich in sodium. This not only cleanses off all dirt from the teeth but also makes the gums healthier. And if you have a toothache it is even good for that. If you brush your teeth with salt then it will rid you off all the bad smell of your mouth too. Just take a teaspoon of salt and gently brush your teeth and gums with it.

Salt And Mustard Oil- Salt and mustard oil is one of the greatest combinations for whitening your teeth. This is also one of the most awesome natural ways for teeth to be in good condition. Take half a tablespoon of mustard oil and a pinch of salt in a small bowl. Mix them well and then use it to gently brush your teeth.

Lemon- Lemon is a rich source of vitamin C that happens to be excellent for healthy tooth and gums. It is a very good natural ingredient for the teeth. It has natural cleansing properties that makes the teeth very clean and healthy. Take a tablespoon of lemon juice and massage your teeth and gums with it. Your mouth will feel fresh after this.

Cloves- Cloves are used in many dental medicines as a pain killer. Clove oil is also used for oral treatments. Take some clove powder and brush your teeth gently with it. This is great for a natural teeth whitening. And if your teeth are too sensitive or if you have any toothache then it is great for those reasons too.

Use all these natural ingredients to clean your teeth and take a step ahead towards better oral health, hygiene and care.

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