Myths & Facts About Menstruation

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Myths & Facts About Menstruation
Menstruation happens to all the women who are of childbearing age. This means, when a women hits puberty she starts menstruating and she is ready to reproduce. There are many myths about menstruation. These old wives tales have been considered as a fact by many women. Do not go out or run in the lawn during your periods are few myths that has surrounded us. Lets check out few funny facts about menstruation.

Myths and facts about menstruation:

Myth- No swimming during periods

Fact- Who says that swimming is unhealthy for a woman who is having her periods? There are many tales that stops you from physical activities such as walking or running also. May be swimming earlier was not allowed because of the fear of spreading blood in the water. Even tampons were not there in the market before. Swimming was also avoided to reduce menstrual cramps. However, swimming for 10-15 minutes during menstruation is good for health and energetic too. It actually reduces menstrual cramps.

Myth- You cannot conceive during periods

Fact- Ovulation can happen any time. Regardless of your periods, you can ovulate due to excitement also, do not be free to enjoy with your partner. Always prefer protections to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

Myth- Hair wash is a must on 3rd day

Fact- In Hinduism, women are not allowed to help in household chores during their menstruation. It is a belief that women are not clean during these 5-6 days. So, to become clean after periods, they have to wash their hair on the 3rd day. Well it is a myth. You can wash your hair on any day. Hot water shower reduces menstrual cramps and also makes you feel lively.

Myth- Only mothers have heavy bleeding

Fact- There are many girls who bleed excessively before marriage. It is just a myth that only women who have given birth bleed more. Menorrhagia (a hormonal imbalance) causes increase in the blood flow. Also irregular periods and lack of progesterone causes heavy bleeding.

Myth- Avoid exercise during your periods

Fact- Unless you suffer from severe cramps, you can workout for a few minutes even while menstruating. According to many researchers, aerobic exercises like jogging, swimming, walking, running etc are ideal during this time. It is normal so you should not behave like a handicapped person.

Myth- Menstruating women are prone to cold so do not take shower

Fact- This is another old wives tale. Well this myth about menstruation has been created when the women suffered from heavy bleeding or cramps post shower, they thought that bath was the reason behind the pain. Well, cramps are because the muscles in uterus and abdomen contract to push the fluid out of the uterus. Taking cold water shower increases uterine contradictions that cause menstrual cramps.

These are few myths and facts about menstruation. Do you know any other myths?

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Story first published: Monday, June 25, 2012, 17:35 [IST]
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