Is Liposuction A Safe Weight Loss Surgery?

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Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that helps in slimming and reshaping specific areas of the body by removing excess fat deposits.

Most of the times we hear that liposuction has made a magic on celebrities to achieve the right body and shape.

Celebrities boast that they eat less and exercise daily but the fact is that they cannot lose weight as quick as their makeup in every movie, the reason is liposuction.


So, how many times can an individual go for a liposuction? Can it really remove excess fat from the body? The other question that immediately comes to our mind is, is it safe?

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Facts About Liposuction:



The debate on how much fat the surgery can remove is quite dangerous and depends from person to person. Also, some states like Florida have conditions for undergoing the so called weight loss surgery.



It is said that the more the fat is removed through this, the more risky it is to the patient. The ideal fat removal is 2 to 3 lb and may go up to maximum 5 to 6 lb. Deaths have also occurred in patients who have undergone a high volume liposuction.



The most important thing that obese people need to know is that in case of liposuction the surgery is not a weight loss surgery but is done only to those pockets of fat that resist to reduce in spite of rigorous dieting and exercise.



Both inexperienced and experienced surgeons offer this treatment but the patient needs to understand the complexities and risks of the procedure.

There are many cosmetic surgical procedures such as facelifts, breast implants, tummy tuckers along with liposuction that are too famous and are often undergone by celebrities.

Many stars who conceive and deliver babies are forced to continue acting and without a fit body, there are all chances that they lose the gained popularity.

That is why they undergo treatment to get back to shape and earn the fame and money as long as they can.

But the bitter fact is that it is not a safe option and that is why many celebs die at a very young age due to cardiac arrest or health issues that would have got complex due to such surgeries.

So what is the alternative to liposuction? Healthy dieting and exercises can be the best alternatives as they come without any complexities and are safe. Though the result might be slow and you will not be able to find a big change immediately, but over the months it will definitely work.

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