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E Cigarettes Best To Quit Smoking

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Electronic cigarettes or E cigarettes are your best option when you decide to quit smoking. If you are a chain smoker who suddenly had a change of heart as far as smoking is concerned, then you must try this revolutionary invention of science. Most of us cannot quit smoking because of its addiction and those who quit experience withdrawal symptoms. An E cigarettes can help you ride over this difficult period of transition from being a smoker to non-smoker.

What is an E Cigarette?

E cigarettes are best described as an electronic simulation of a cigarette. It is a small gadget that looks exactly like a cigarette but instead of tobacco it has a heater and a cartridge full of water. The heating mechanism turns the water into vapours and nicotine that is present in very minimal amount gets mixed with the water vapours. The best thing about E cigarettes is that they quench the nicotine cravings of your body without causing much harm.

The Benefits Of Using An E Cigarette:

It is cheap: If you sum up the total amount of money that you spend on smoke throughout the month then you will be shocked. And remember, it is a recurring cost. E cigarettes compared to normal smokes are a steal!

It is re-usable: You can never smoke up your E cigarette. It is not going to get end up as you smoke. When you take a drag of your electronic cigarette then an electronic light will glow, where the flame should have been and the smoke that you inhale will be flavoured water vapours. Your only expense is refilling the water in the cartridge that gets vapourized.

No more smoke breaks: The best thing about E cigarettes is that you do not have to go out to smoke. International government rules and health bodies like WHO have deem the E cigarette harmless enough to be smoked in doors. So you can take a couple of drags just before you enter the board room for a meeting. Imagine how much time you are saving by doing away with smoke breaks.

Save Mother Earth: The environmentally aware smokers will know that every time he or she lights up, the pollution levels is going up. It might be your choice to ruin your lungs and invite cancer but you cannot make that choice for the rest around you. E cigarette is the best way to stop harming others due to your habit. It does not contain any pollutants; in fact, it is rechargeable so it actually conserves energy.

You can quit smoking if you make the best use of E cigarettes. So are you ready to take the plunge?

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