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Why Are You Prone To Allergies?

We are living in a fast paced world and may consider our self to be lucky; but are we so? In this highly populated world, where the vehicles throw their smoke right at our face and factories emit waste and smoke into the atmosphere to make it more colorful, let me ask you, are we living a healthy life?

The answer is absolutely no and you know the reason better than me! Probably, you may also be allergic to something like watery or red eyes, sneezing, itchy rashes, asthma etc.

What is the main cause of Allergies?

Allergy, a disorder (or improper reaction) of the immune system, is usually caused due to the inflammation of the mucus membrane, which is positioned in the nasal passage. On getting inflamed, this membrane causes irritation and it depends according to individuals. However, many also associate hereditary as a reason for allergies.

Ways to Get Rid Of Allergies

Health and diseases of an individual is always said to be influenced by astrological factors like planetary positions, Zodiac signs, Nakshatras and 12 houses. Dasa bhukti period also helps in identifying a person’s immunal strength and his overall health. You can easily stay away of the allergies with the help of astrology by analyzing your birth chart.

How Astrology Helps?

If you already have allergy, as for what body part is affected, check the zodiac sign that governs it. For example, a rash or skin reaction is governed by Cancer, whereas nose and throat problems are governed by Taurus.

Although, horoscopes cannot specify which substances one is allergic to, it shows how our body reacts and how it affects our life. For instance, if planets Sun, Mercury or Jupiter are placed in the 12th House, they will cause allergy. Similarly, the planet that causes allergy can be in any house; however, it is the zodiac sign that decides the type of allergy and the body part that gets affected.

Planetary transits are unlikely to create allergy, but they may trigger a dormant one or can make a mild allergy worse. The weak placement of Sun can lead to health problems such as weak immune system, while a person having Mars positioned in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house are more prone to allergic due to the excessive heat created in the body.

When the allergy in the horoscope is located, it can be treated or may even be cured, by stimulating the native planet involved, so that obstructions to it are eased.

Be Hale and Healthy!

In the above paragraphs, we were discussing on why you are more prone to allergies. Now, let’s get into some cool ways that makes our body cool for e.g.: gemstones like Emerald and yellow sapphire; however, wear it strictly under the guidance of an expert astrologer. As a remedial measure to escape from the ill-placement of Mars, one can donate sweets to a nearby temple, carry a red color kerchief with them, feed a cow whenever possible and can also recite Gayathri mantra.

Did you know that Hippocrates, a famous physician, used to first study a person’s natal chart and then proceed with his treatments! Only a proper analysis of your Horoscope by an Astrologer can give the exact remedial measures, according to the placement of the planets.

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Story first published: Friday, February 24, 2012, 11:27 [IST]
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