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Harmful Effects Of Too Hot And Spicy Food

By Super Admin

Food can get even more delicious if your stomach health is fine. Often people take their stomach for granted until it is very late but it is important for them to understand the ways for a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating. Eating and drinking too hot stuffs is bad, says a recent research. Take a look at the negative impacts of having hot and spicy food (spicy food effects).

Spicy Food - Effects On Stomach Health

1. Eating too hot and spicy foods burn the tongue. A burning tongue leads to continuous burning sensation in every corner of the tongue. It may also result in the burning of lips, inner cheeks, soft and hard palate of the mouth, gums etc which is termed as burning mouth syndrome. The patient having a burning sensation in the tongue may have or a decreased and altered taste while eating.

2. Eating foods that are too hot or too spicy can cause reflux disease in which the food may be pushed back to the esophagus from the stomach during the digestion process resulting in a vomiting sensation.

3. Eating spicy food is said to increase the acidic secretions in your stomach which over a period can damage the inner linings of the stomach.

4. It is not only about the stomach health but the hot foods can even irritate small intestine and may disrupt bowel movement. It may even cause ulcer or may even lead to stomach cancer.

5. Eating such food can cause bad body odor and as well as lead to excess sweating. It can also cause bad breath and discoloring of teeth. The research says that it may even weaken teeth.

Story first published: Friday, July 1, 2011, 11:21 [IST]
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