Remedies To Strengthen Soft Nails

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Soft Nails
One of the most important aspect of beautiful hands is strong and healthy nails but we are not satisfied with it. We want to beautify the nails and thus, we row it long, paint it regularly with different colours and then use chemicals to remove it. All of this torture which our nails go through often leads to soft nails.

Soft nails is a condition in which the nails grow weak, brittle and in some cases also lead to peeling and cracking. Yellow nail patches and nail infections is also one of the symptoms. One of the basic cause of brittle nails is lack of nutrients. Lack of vitamin A,B and D, protein and lack of calcium leads to brittle nails. Lets look at some soft nails remedies -

1.The basic nutritional remedy for soft nails is to increase intake of nutrients like calcium, Vitamin B, C and D and iron. Calcium is the basic requirement, vitamin C helps in absorbing nutrients and iron makes the nails stronger.

2.Increase intake of omega 3 fatty acids is also one of the basic soft nail remedies.

3.Massage nails everyday with Vitamin E oil for twenty minutes. This makes the nails stronger, improved blood circulation, removes stains and stops nail peeling.

4.Another remedy for soft nails is to file them regularly. While filing the nail, rather than making it rough, keep it straight. Round nail filing hampers the nail strength.

5.Magnesium is one of the basic nail components and thus, increase in intake of magnesium helps in strengthening the nail.

6.People who have the habit of biting nails, suffer brittle nails. Thus, stop biting your nails.

Try these six soft nails remedies and you are sure to get strong nails within few weeks.

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Story first published: Monday, April 18, 2011, 16:37 [IST]
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