Best Snacks For An Upset Stomach

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Snacks during upset stomach

Eating well and staying hydrated is a necessity during upset stomach. The diet for upset stomach should be very strict as the digestive system is weak and heavy food might spoil the recovery. Yogurt, water, apples and bananas are diarrhea remedies which are also best snacks for easy digestion.

Snacks during upset stomach makes up the diet for an upset stomach. Snacks during upset stomach are very simple and light on the stomach. Lets have a look at the remedies for upset stomach.

  • Having snacks during upset stomach make up a healthy diet which absorbs stomach acids and helps in recovery at a fast pace. Have biscuits which are light in salt. 
  • Popcorn which is low in salt and butter is a nice snack during upset stomach. Munch the popcorn but avoid beverages like caffeine and tea which stimulate digestive system. Also avoid nicotine and alcohol consumption.
  • Boil apples and peel off the skin and eat them when it cools. A healthy upset stomach diet food.
  • Yogurt is known as the best upset stomach food. It cools the inflammation in the stomach and controls dysentery. Have yogurt with flattened rice ans sugar to provide instant relief. Even a glass of buttermilk is good upset stomach food.
  • Ginger ale is a nice drink during an upset stomach as the carbonation provides your stomach to calm down. Have this lukewarm ginger ale drink as upset stomach easy remedies.
  • Rice with veg and non-veg soup is also a good upset stomach food which is not tasteless. But make soup which is not too spicy.
  • Rice porridge which is not spicy is light on the stomach.
  • Bananas for diarrhea remedies is considered as one of the best medicines to cure an upset stomach. Mash bananas and add some chopped apples. Mix with honey and have it, a suggested snack during upset stomach. 

Have excess amount of water and simple food for 24 hours for complete recovery. Even if you don't like water, consume little at intervals so as to prevent dehydration. Relax and let your body recover gradually. Just medicines will not help cure the problem but proper upset stomach remedies will add speed to the recovery.

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Story first published: Friday, June 24, 2011, 15:41 [IST]
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