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Kiwi Fruits: Nutritional Health Benefits, Risks & How To Eat

Have you ever heard of a fruit named kiwi? Kiwi fruit is a delicious berry, which was brought from China to New Zealand during the early 20th century.

The kiwi fruit has bright green flesh on the inside and brown skin on the outside. It has an invigorating flavour and a soft and creamy texture.


Kiwi fruit has several health benefits and we are going to discuss them in the article.

Nutritional Value Of Kiwi Fruit

100 g of kiwi fruit contains 61 kcal energy and it also contains

  • 1.35 g protein
  • 0.68 g fat
  • 14.86 g carbohydrate
  • 2.7 g fibre
  • 8.78 g sugar
  • 41 mg calcium
  • 0.24 mg iron
  • 311 mg potassium
  • 93.2 mg vitamin C
  • 68 IU vitamin A
  • 37.8 mcg vitamin K

Health Benefits Of Kiwi Fruit

1. Improves heart health

Kiwi fruit is rich in vitamin C and potassium which are good for promoting cardiovascular health. A study showed that daily consuming kiwi reduces the chances of oxidative stress which leads to various health problems including heart disease [1] .


2. Helps in digestion

Kiwi fruits contain a proteolytic enzyme called actinidin which is known for its protein-dissolving properties. Kiwi also contains fibre which aids in digestion. A study found that kiwi extract could enhance digestion and keep digestion problems at bay [2] .

3. Protects the eyes

Kiwi fruit is a good source of phytochemicals, which help in preventing macular degeneration. Vitamin A and phytochemicals present in kiwi fruits protect the eyes from cataracts and vision disorders, thereby taking care of the eyes.

4. Strengthens immune system

The presence of vitamin C in kiwi fruits helps in boosting the immune system and ward off diseases. A study published in the Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology showed that kiwi fruits strengthen immunity and reduce the likelihood of cold or flu-like illnesses [3] .

5. Promotes good sleep

A study published in the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition has revealed that kiwi fruit contains antioxidants that have been proven to be beneficial for sleep disorders like insomnia [4] .

6. Lowers blood pressure

Kiwi fruit is an excellent fruit in managing blood pressure. According to a 2014 study, the bioactive substances in 3 kiwis per day can aid in reducing blood pressure more than 1 apple per day [5] . Low blood pressure reduces the risk of strokes and heart attack.

7. Helps treat asthma

People with asthma should eat kiwi fruits because they have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the lungs, according to a study [6] . Fruits rich in vitamin C like kiwis can help reduce wheezing in children suffering from asthma.

8. Reduces blood clotting risk

Kiwis can reduce the risk of blood clotting, according to a study from the University of Oslo. The researchers also found that consuming two to three kiwis per day could lower the risk of blood clotting [7] .

Blood clotting can cause heart attack, stroke or damage the other organs of the body.

9. Prevents kidney stones

Kiwi fruits are a good source of potassium which is linked to a reduction in the formation of kidney stones, lowered risk of stroke, preservation of bone mineral density and protection against loss of muscle mass.

10. Provides healthy skin

Kiwis are an excellent source of vitamin C, a water-soluble antioxidant that protects the skin from the harmful damage caused by sun, pollution, and smoke. Kiwi fruit delays ageing and improves overall skin texture.

Health Risks Of Kiwi Fruit

Kiwi fruit is a common food allergen and has been known to cause an allergic reaction in certain people [8] . The symptoms are skin rashes, itchy mouth, lips, and tongue, and vomiting.

Ways To Add Kiwis Into Your Diet

  • You can make a fruit cocktail by mixing kiwis, mango, pineapple, and strawberries.
  • Consume frozen kiwi slices as a snack or dessert.
  • You can make a kiwi fruit salad and drizzle some honey on top for some extra sweetness.
  • Prepare a green smoothie with spinach, kiwi, apple, and pears.

You can also try out this watermelon kiwi juice recipe and grilled kiwi with fresh fruits and vanilla ice cream recipe.

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Story first published: Friday, May 31, 2019, 18:00 [IST]
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