Yogurt (Curd) - A Must-Have During Winters; Here Is Why

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There have been a lot of myths surrounding yogurt, what we commonly call 'curd'. One among them is not to eat when it is cold. Well, if you still believe in this then you need to debunk this myth and get going with a small bowl of curd every day.

Yogurt is a must-have item during the winter season. It is loaded with a lot of health benefits. Yogurt is a storehouse of vitamins, potassium, magnesium and protein. Also the best ingredient in yogurt is lactobacillus, a probiotic and a source of good bacteria that helps in warding off the harmful bacteria and infections that harm the body.

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There are people who do not like to eat curd directly. For such group of people there are different ways to consume it.

So today at Boldsky we will be pointing out a few of the reasons why we should have curd with every meal, especially during the winter season. Also, we will be explaining about a few of the ways to consume yogurt. Take a look.


1. Boosts Immunity Level:

Yogurt contains good bacteria that helps in strengthening the immunity level and helps in fighting infections that affect the body.


2. Prevents Cold:

As winter sets in cold is one of the common health issues that rises to a great extent. The good bacteria present in yogurt helps in fighting the bacteria that causes cold.


3. Better Digestion:

Yogurt helps in maintaining the pH balance in the body and prevents acidity. It thus aids in digestion.


4. Strengthen The Bones:

The cold weather is not good for the bones. It makes the bones prone to fracture. Yogurt is rich in calcium and phosphorus which helps in strengthening the bones.

For those of you who cannot consume yogurt directly, they can have it in a number of ways. A few of the ways to include yogurt in the daily diet are here. Check it.

yogurt a must have during winters

1. Curd Rice:
Take a bowl of cooked rice, mix it with curd, a bit of pepper and salt and then have it. You could also garnish it with pomegranate.

yogurt a must have during winters

2. Yogurt With A Bit Of Sugar:
Just add a tablespooon of sugar to a bowl of yogurt and then have it. It gives a taste for those who have sweet tooth.

yogurt a must have during winters

3. Add It To Fruits:
Curd can also be added to fruits and then consumed. The essential nutrients will be retained. Or it could also be consumed in the form of raita by adding cucumber, tomato, onions, salt and a bit of pepper powder added to it.

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Story first published: Friday, January 6, 2017, 21:10 [IST]
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