What's Good Food? What's Bad Food?

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Are you confused about what's good food and what's unhealthy? Well, don't be overwhelmed by all the excess information floating around. It is easy to classify foods.

Though healthy foods don't come with a label, your body knows what's good and what's bad. Your body talks to you in many languages to tell you whether you have eaten good food or bad food.

For example, if you have belly fat, then your body is telling you that something you have eaten is not really what it wanted.

If you are feeling lazy or dizzy after a meal, your body is telling you that you might have eaten something wrong. Here are more ways to classify your foods...


Nutrients Or Unwanted Calories?

Does the food provide nutrients necessary for your body or simply add up unwanted calories? Well, a salad provides nutrients but is low in calories. A burger is high in calories but is low in nutrients.


Natural Ingredients Or Artificial Ingredients?

Your food is healthy if it contains only natural ingredients. You food is unhealthy if it is high on artificial chemical additives. A salad is all natural whereas your hot dog or pizza contains additives too.


Alkaline Or Acidic?

Healthy food helps your body maintain its natural pH balance. Your food is unhealthy if it makes your body's environment acidic. And an acidic environment may cause many health issues in the long run.


Feeling Active Or Lazy?

If your food keeps you active throughout your day then you're eating healthy. But if you feel dull, heavy and lazy then you might have eaten unhealthy stuff.


Healthy Weight Or Belly Fat?

If your food is healthy, maintaining healthy weight won't be a problem. But if you are easily accumulating belly fat then your food isn't so healthy.


Satisfying Or Addictive?

Good food satisfies your hunger and keeps you full without causing cravings. Unhealthy food is tasty, makes you an addict, increases your cravings and makes you eat more and more.


Good Health Or Bad Health?

Good good keeps you healthy whereas bad food makes you unhealthy in the long run; as simple as it is! So, watch what you eat and make the necessary changes!

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 31, 2017, 9:04 [IST]
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