These 8 Foods Cause Inflammation; Avoid Eating Them

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Inflammation is the natural way how your body protects itself against foreign invasions. This process will initiate and manage the healing process. But, at the same time, chronic inflammations that last for a long time, especially without any health problems, will lead to chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, obesity and many others.

Isn't it surprising when you hear that there are many foods that can trigger inflammation in your body? The major contributors are processed fast foods that contain extra sugar, salt, additives, preservatives and other taste makers.

Inflammation can be experienced by your body in different forms, ranging from mild acne to serious health complications like heart diseases or even cancer.

When you put your body on an attack mode constantly, this will result in a state of it being chronically inflamed. Even when expressed with mild symptoms, constant exposure to foods that cause inflammation can result in many serious diseases in the long term.

Your food habit has a great role in deciding the status of your health. The most interesting thing is that the foods that cause inflammation are those which are generally considered to be harmless. Here, we will discuss more about some of the most commonly used foods that can cause inflammation. Avoid these foods to stay healthy and fit.


1. Sugar

Table sugar (sucrose) and high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) are the main culprits that cause inflammation. There are many bakery food items that are coming under the category of processed foods. Body will initiate an inflammatory response against this type of sugars.


2. Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated drinks have a high amount of sugar, but are used very commonly. There are studies which show that people who drink soda regularly will experience insulin resistance and its complications. This will also result in obesity.


3. White Bread

White breads get broken down into sugars.Refined grains cause an increase in the concentration of inflammation markers. Experts claim that white breads are refined in such a way that they become an unhealthy option. Taking white bread regularly will cause diabetes.


4. Cheese Burgers

Animal fats are always a common topic of discussion, when it is about inflammation-causing food items. Ingredients of cheeseburger will cause a shift in the normal balance of gut bacteria. Saturated fats are the major reasons for this.


5. Milk

Even though milk is considered as a perfect option to get calcium and protein, there are many recent studies which show that it is one among the foods that can cause inflammation. This is more in case of adults who cannot digest milk completely.


6. Gluten

Just try eliminating gluten from your diet and experience the difference. Gluten is one of the main reasons for bloating or digestion problems. These occur due to the inflammatory response that our body shows to gluten. Medical experts suggest avoiding the use of gluten. Anything that contains gluten are foods that cause inflammation.


7. Processed Meat

Many of the food items that are part of our modern lifestyle are responsible for initiating an inflammatory response. Processed meat contains more advanced glycation end products. Consuming processed meat can cause heart diseases, diabetes, stomach cancer and colon cancer.


8. Margarine

Margarine is used in processed foods to increase their shelf life. This contains trans fat, which will cause inflammation, resulting in many diseases. While buying store products, check the labels for "partially hydrogenated" oils.

So, avoid foods that cause inflammation. Let your body use the process of inflammation for its good!!

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Story first published: Saturday, April 1, 2017, 20:30 [IST]
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