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This Simple Food Is Known To Help You Live Longer!

By Chandana Rao

Let's admit it, every living being, be it humans or other animals, would have the basic instinct to live and survive for as long as they can, right?

Living beings are conditioned to fight for life and survive for a long time. Especially, us humans regard life as a "gift", so we do everything we can to make it better for ourselves and live as long as we can.

Most of us fear death, right? The only true reason for a person to be fear death, is because we love life too much!

So, each and every one of us strives to make a better life for ourselves, so that we can lead a quality life for as long as we can.

tips for a long time

There could be a number of causes for death. Some of the common ones being old age, major ailments that affect the vital organs like heart, brain, kidneys, lungs, etc., accidents that damage the vital organs or cause loss of blood, incurable diseases, suicide, etc.

So, we do everything we can and take precautions to remain safe, right?

We are extra careful when we drive, or when we are crossing the roads, many of us avoid activities that have a higher risk of death and injury, etc.

In addition, we also try to remain healthy, as good health is definitely the key to a long life.

Eating healthy, organic foods, maintaining a healthy weight, exercising on a daily basis, not ignoring symptoms of certain diseases and getting treated in time, etc., are some of the precautions that we can take to remain healthy for a longer time.

Recently, the 'world's oldest family' has shared what they believe is the secret to a long life. Read all about it, here.

The Secret Dish To Live Longer
When asked if you want to live a healthy, long life, most of us would say "yes", right?

However, when we read about tips that can help extend our lives, we may become a little skeptical, because life is so fragile, so nothing is guaranteed!

However, science now has proof that the key to a long life exists, based on the habits of the "world's oldest family" - The Donnelly Family from Northern Ireland.

In the Donnelly family, most members have lived a healthy life, up to the age of 93.

All the family members combined have lived a whooping 1075 years in total!

When researches spoke to this family to learn of its secret for longevity, they said that they consume a simple dish every day, which may have helped them live longer.

The dish is a mixture of oatmeal cooked with organic milk and topped with apple jam! So simple, yet nutritious.

Oatmeal is rich in fibre which can flush out the toxins from your body; also oatmeal can keep your body energised and active.

Milk is rich in protein content, which can keep your bones healthy, even as you age.

Apple Jam:
Apple jam contains antioxidants which can promote cell regeneration and help the cells to age at a slower rate.

In addition, this family also eats healthy and exercises on a regular basis.

So, consuming oats cooked in milk and topped with apple jam, twice a day, may help you live longer.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, August 8, 2017, 16:30 [IST]
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