What Happens When You Drink Bitter Gourd (Karela) Juice With Honey?

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Are you someone who does not like to consume vegetables and fruits on a regular basis? If yes, then think again, because, natural health remedies have proven to be extremely effective!

Natural remedies that can be prepared at home, have the ability to keep a person healthy and also because natural ingredients do not contain harmful chemicals that otherwise harm the body, unlike modern medicines.

Many doctors themselves have been known to use homemade remedies, using kitchen ingredients, to treat certain disorders.

Home remedies are inexpensive as well as safe to use, and they can also be very effective in treating various ailments and disorders, and pose no threat of side effects.

Did you know that the combination of bitter gourd juice and honey, has the ability to prevent and treat over 8 health conditions?

Just take 3 tablespoons for bitter gourd juice, add 2 tablespoons of honey to it, stir well and consume this mixture every morning, before breakfast.

Have a look at some of the best health benefits of the mixture of bitter gourd juice and honey, here.


1. Treats Diabetes

As the powerful enzymes present in the mixture of bitter gourd juice and honey have the ability to reduce your blood glucose level to a considerable extent, it can treat the symptoms of diabetes.


2. Detoxifies The System

By flushing out the waste and toxins present in you blood stream and intestines, this herbal health juice can detoxify your body.


3. Cleanses Smoker's Lungs

As the mixture of bitter gourd and honey can remove the nicotine layer lining your lungs from constant smoking, it can cleanse your lungs effectively.


4. Treats Asthma

As this natural health drink has the ability to nourish your respiratory tract and increase its ability to fight allergens, it can treat certain symptoms of asthma.


5. Aids Digestion

The combination of karela juice and honey has the ability to stimulate the production of healthy digestive juices, thus aiding a better digestive function.


6. Assists Weight Loss

Drinking this health remedy every morning and practising a healthy diet and exercise regime can help you lose weight quickly.


7. Slows Down Cell Ageing

The rich antioxidant content present in the health drink has the ability to slow down the process of cell ageing, thus keeping you healthier for a long time.

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Story first published: Friday, January 6, 2017, 19:27 [IST]
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