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    Adding This Common Nut To Your Breakfast Can Help You Live Longer!

    By Chandana Rao

    A famous quote goes like this, "He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything".

    The above quote is very much true because health and hope are the two most important aspects needed to lead a quality life.

    With good health and a positive attitude towards life, one can expect to live longer!

    Every living being, right from a tiny insect to the highly advanced human species, has the instinct within to want to survive as long as they can and fight to live.

    Add This Nut To Your Diet To Live Longer6

    So, longevity, or the opportunity to live a long, healthy life is truly a gift to all living organisms.

    In order to live a longer life, which is free from most major diseases, one must make a real effort to take care of health.

    If a person's health is not good, then he/she can be exposed to a number of diseases and ailments, which can surely shorten the life span.

    In fact, even if a person lives for a long time but is suffering from diseases, it can put him/her through a lot of misery and pain!

    So, in order to remain healthy and enjoy a long life, one must follow certain healthy lifestyle habits.

    A balanced diet, regular exercise, a stress-free life, meditation, staying away from pollution, getting rid of unhealthy vices like smoking, doing drugs and alcohol - all of these factors can contribute to a disease-free life and longevity.

    One must also bear in mind that minor diseases are inevitable with any living being, but with healthy lifestyle habits, certain major diseases can be prevented.

    Add This Nut To Your Diet To Live Longer4

    Now, a recent research study has found that consuming almonds for breakfast every morning can increase longevity.

    Let us find out how, in this article.

    Can Almonds For Breakfast Increase Longevity?

    As we know, a balanced diet includes all the essential nutrients such as, carbohydrates, minerals, protein, fats, vitamins, etc.

    Add This Nut To Your Diet To Live Longer3

    Even if one of these above nutrients is not consumed in the right amounts, it could cause deficiencies.

    We also know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and a hearty, healthy breakfast can keep your metabolic rate and immune system up, thus preventing a number of diseases.

    Heart diseases, caused by high cholesterol level in the body is one of the main causes of death in people.

    Stroke is also another deadly condition caused by high cholesterol.

    Add This Nut To Your Diet To Live Longer2

    Now, a research study conducted by the University Of Toronto has stated that consuming almonds every morning, along with a healthy breakfast can lower the cholesterol levels in the body.

    As almonds are rich in vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids they can break down the cholesterol accumulated in your body and flush them out of your system.

    Add This Nut To Your Diet To Live Longer

    So, consuming at least 4-5 almonds with breakfast can reduce cholesterol, thus preventing deadly diseases like heart ailments and stroke.

    When you have a healthy heart, your life span will be increased to a considerable extent!

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    Story first published: Sunday, November 5, 2017, 10:30 [IST]
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