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Combination Of Moringa & Ginger To Fight Several Deadly Diseases

By Sravia Sivaram

There is this incredible duo that is known to promote better health and longevity. It is none other than the combination of moringa and ginger.

This combination has been in use for several centuries to treat numerous health conditions and also due to its ability to get into the root of an issue and fix it.

People have been using moringa as a natural remedy and it is a completely safe remedy to use and comes without any side effects.

The nutritious leaves of moringa contain potent antioxidants. When these leaves are kept in hot water for sometime, they release an abundance of nutrients and antioxidants into the hot water. This liquid is now full of beneficial compounds that promote energy and wellness.

Increasing the consumption of ginger helps in decreasing the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and overall mortality. It can put an end to several issues like digestive problems, nausea, loss of appetite, motion sickness and pain.

In this article, we have mentioned the top benefits of moringa and ginger to fight several diseases. Also take a look at one of the best recipes using moringa and ginger tea.


1. Treats Arthritis:

Moringa contains anti-inflammatory properties that can alleviate the symptoms of arthritis. It also contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals, including iron, copper, magnesium and and potassium. Further, ginger contains anti-inflammatory properties and together they turn out to be one of the most effective remedies to treat arthritis.


2. Prevents Cancer:

Several studies have suggested that moringa can diminish cancerous cells as it contains benzyl isothiocyanate. This is often recommended for patients who have undergone chemotherapy. The plant compounds of ginger provide radio-protective effects to healthy tissues and prevent the concerns of toxicity in the patients.


3. Reduces Cholesterol:

Moringa has been proven to be successful in reducing the cholesterol levels and also helps the body to stay healthy and operative. Where as, ginger helps in reducing inflammation and is beneficial for the heart. Hence it helps in reducing the cholesterol levels. This makes this recipe, one of the best to treat cholesterol.


4. Treats Headaches:

Moringa has been in use since ancient times as a natural painkiller. It is highly reliable in treating chronic headaches and migraines. It also works as an analgesic and deals with all kinds of pain. Further, ginger helps in alleviating the migraine symptoms and also eliminates the associated nausea.


5. Reduces Hypertension:

Moringa contains components like thiocarbamate and isothiocyanate. These help in diminishing the elevated blood pressure in patients. The presence of ginger in this recipe also helps in lowering blood pressure as it is an anti-inflammatory agent and a potent blood thinner.


6. Soothes The Stomach:

Moringa contains high anti-ulcer properties that help with dealing with gut and stomach issues. Moringa also helps in fixing gut and stomach problems. Ginger is also known for its ability to soothe the stomach and prevent morning sickness. Hence, this recipe is the best thing you can opt for to drink in the morning.


7. Keeps The Liver Safe:

Liver diseases can be kept under control with the help of moringa leaves. It helps in healing the organ and also fights against liver diseases. Ginger contains antioxidants and triglyceride lowering effects that help to prevent or reverse fatty liver disease.


8. Helps With Anaemia:

Being a treasure trove of nutrients, it helps in treating anaemia well. It contains high amounts of significant minerals, vitamins, proteins and also improves the blood texture significantly. Consuming drinks with ginger in the morning helps in obtaining relief from anaemia. Hence this recipe is considered the best for treating anaemia as well.


Moringa And Ginger Recipe:


  • 85 g fresh ginger
  • 10 green moringa leaves
  • One spoon honey
  • 4 cups of water


Wash the ginger root and cut it into slices. Boil it with water for 10 minutes and set it aside. Put the moringa leaves into it and let it remain for sometime. Add honey to taste. This remedy can be taken in the morning and before going to bed, one cup every time.

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