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Why You Should Drink Beetroot And Orange Juice Every Day?

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Do you start your day with a cup of hot coffee or tea? Are you someone who is not a fan of vegetables and fruits?

If yes, then may be it is time that you made certain lifestyle changes, as more and more researchers are proving that vegetables and fruits come with certain amazing medicinal properties.

Have you ever wondered what people of the ancient eras did when they were affected by ailments? Well, they depended on herbal medication which were made from vegetable and fruit extracts!

Did you know that the juice made from beetroot and orange can treat a number of ailments? Well, learn how to prepare the juice, here.

Ingredients Required:

  • Beetroot - ½
  • Orange Juice - ½ a cup

Method To Prepare And Consume The Juice:

  • Add a few pieces of freshly cut beetroot and ½ a cup of orange juice in a blender. 
  • Grind the ingredients well to obtain the juice. 
  • Now, collect the juice in a cup and do not strain it. 
  • Consume the juice every morning, before breakfast.

Have a look at the various disorders that can be treated effectively when you have this beetroot and orange juice every day.


1. Lowers Blood Pressure

The nitric acid and vitamin C found in this natural juice is known to help dilate your blood vessels and boost the blood flow, thereby decreasing high blood pressure.


2. Prevents Cancer

Studies have shown that the powerful phytonutrients found in the combination of beetroot and orange juice can help fight cancer, especially prostate, breast and pancreatic cancers.


3. Eliminates Birth Defects

When this mixture of beetroot and orange is consumed by pregnant women on a regular basis, it can help eliminate the risk of birth defects in babies, as they nourish the unborn baby with vitamins B, C and also folate.


4. Heals Ulcers

This natural juice comes with anti-inflammatory properties that can heal ulcers and minor internal injuries.


5. Boosts Immunity

As this homemade juice is rich in vitamin C, manganese and other nutrients, it strengthens the cells of your body, thereby keeping your immune system strong and healthy.


6. Treats Anaemia

The combination of beetroot and orange juice improves your blood's ability to absorb more iron, thereby preventing conditions like anaemia in the body.


7. Prevents Heart-related Ailments

This mixture has the ability to lower the risk of heart ailments, as it unclogs the cholesterol accumulation that is present in your arteries, keeping your cardiovascular system healthy.

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Story first published: Friday, July 8, 2016, 12:00 [IST]
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